Charles d’Haussy Keynote Speaker

  • Asia Managing Director at ConsenSys, a leading blockchain engineering company
  • One of Asia's top-50 fintech influencers
  • Former Head of Fintech with the Hong Kong government

Charles d’Haussy's Biography

Charles d’Haussy is Asia Managing Director at ConsenSys, a leading blockchain engineering company. Among his responsibilities, he leads ConsenSys’ projects on central-bank digital currencies with HKMA, BOT, PBOC, CBUAE & BOK.

Prior to this, Charles served as head of fintech with the Hong Kong government (InvestHK). In that capacity he helped found and scale Hong Kong Fintech Week, and supported the growth of over 450 fintech companies.

He has 15 years of prior experience in Hong Kong’s private sector and is licensed to invest and deal in securities. In 2018, Charles was elected as a Top-50 fintech influencer in Asia. In 2021 he published Block Kong, a book about Blockchain leaders shaping the Hong Kong blockchain ecosystem.

Charles studied in France at Rennes International Business School and in Guangzhou, China at Sun Yat Sen University. He is a certified Bitcoin professional and studied blockchain business strategy at Be9 London.

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