Chandran Nair Keynote Speaker

  • Advisor to governments and global corporations on sustainability
  • Best-selling author of Consumptionomics (2011)
  • Founder and CEO, Global Institute For Tomorrow

Chandran Nair's Biography

Chandran Nair is the founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT). He is the author of the best-seller Consumptionomics: Asia’s Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet (2011). His photo book project The Other Hundred aims to provide a counterpoint to the mainstream media consensus about some of today’s most important issues.

Chandran frequently speaks at major global gatherings such as the World Economic Forum in Davos and APEC where his thought leadership is sought for its fresh insights and intellectual honesty. He was the Chairman of Environmental Resources Management (ERM) in the Asia Pacific until 2004 and established it as the leading environmental consultancy.

For more than a decade, Chandran has strongly advocated a more sustainable approach to development in Asia, advising governments and multinational corporations to instil these principles into their policies and key decision-making processes. In addition to his work with GIFT, Chandran continues to provide strategic management advice and coaching to business leaders, advising current and future leaders on how to meet the challenges of doing business in Asia.

Speaking Topics include;

  • Doing business in a globalised Asia
  • Sustainable development change for Asia
  • Business leadership in Asia for the future
  • The West and the Rest: A new dialogue



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Videos of Chandran Nair

The Chaos of Consumption-led Economics (2012)
The Chaos of Consumption-led Economics (2012)
Pricing Externalities (2011)
Pricing Externalities (2011)

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