Catharina James Speaker

Catharina James Keynote Speaker

  • Founder & CEO of DRCJ Innovation Consulting
  • Innovation Consultant and award-winning Entrepreneur
  • Leading Expert on Graphene and former Chief Expert of Cambridge Nanosystems

Catharina James's Biography

Catharina James is a chemist and materials scientist, business consultant, award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker and innovation expert. Her work revolves around helping people to innovate and create new products. With extensive experience in business and a passion for helping others, Catharina is one of the most sought after speakers and consultants for startups and companies worldwide.

Since 2018, Catharina has been the founder, CEO and Director of Materials and Innovation at DRCJ, fostering innovation by bringing startups and corporations together. The organisation aims to help customers understand the value of waste and create renewable power from manufacturing processes and waste management, thereby developing a circular economy. She has been involved with the research and development fund manager, GrantTree, as an Innovation Grant Writer since 2019. Catharina is a former lecturer of technology at Cambridge Judge Business School and now serves as a coach and mentor through the school’s Accelerate program. She previously served as an Expert Evaluator for the European Commission and Chief Scientist for Levidian Nanosystems (formerly under Cambridge University). She was in charge of leading the company’s advanced manufacturing of high-quality graphene materials.
Catharina began her career at Infineon Technologies as a Research Intern and completed her master thesis at the chemical manufacturing firm Treibacher Industrie AG.

In 2014, Catharina was elected as the Royal Society of Arts fellow. The UK media named her one of the top business leaders to watch, and The Telegraph called her “The First Lady of Graphene”. She was presented the Grant Thornton Face of a Vibrant Economy award, and she has numerous publications and patents to her name.

Catharina is a long-standing advisory board member of Johannes Kepler University Linz and Infineon Technologies.

Catharina is currently enrolled in the Smartly Institute’s Executive MBA program. She graduated from Karl Franzens University with a Master of Science in Chemistry, and she holds a PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University.

Catharina is passionate about women pursuing careers in business and STEM and uses her skills and experience in promoting technology, promoting gender equality and helping people achieve their own success. She is an engaging speaker who has presented addresses at various conferences, including, Tedx. Catharina believes that innovation breeds collaboration and her passion for science shines through in her talks, which are both informative and entertaining.

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Videos of Catharina James

Meet Graphene | TEDxDanubia
Meet Graphene | TEDxDanubia

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