Carissa Véliz Keynote Speaker

  • World-renowned expert in technology and ethics
  • Professor at the University of Oxford.
  • Best-selling author of the highly-acclaimed Privacy Is Power (an Economist book of the year).

Carissa Véliz's Biography

Carissa Véliz is a renowned expert in technology and ethics at the University of Oxford and a best-selling author.    She is an Associate Professor in Philosophy at the Institute for Ethics in AI at the University of Oxford. She is the author of the highly-acclaimed Privacy Is Power (an Economist book of the year) and the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Digital Ethics.

Véliz has published articles in media such as Wired, the Guardian, New Statesman, Slate, and El País. Her academic work has been published in The Harvard Business Review, Nature Electronics, Nature Energy, and AI & Society, among other journals.

In the UK, Véliz has been a witness to the House of Lords Communications and Digital Select Committee and to the Joint Committee on the Draft Online Safety Bill. In the United States, she has advised Congress on matters of privacy. In Spain, she was a member of the Group of Experts who advised on the drafting of Digital Rights Charter, and a member of the High-Level Advisory Panel on Technology and Global Order who wrote the Digital Strategy for Spain at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She is the recipient of the prestigious Herbert A. Simon Award for Outstanding Research in Computing and Philosophy. She advises companies and policymakers around the world on privacy and the ethics of AI.

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Carissa Véliz's Speaking Topics

Why privacy is power:

What is the relationship between data, privacy, and power? What does it mean for businesses, governments, and citizens? How can we harness data’s potential while protecting people’s rights and avoiding the pitfalls of liability?

AI Ethics:

What is ethics and how does it differ from the law? Why is AI ethics important and how can we implement it in practice? What is bias and how can we avoid it? Who is responsible for AI?

AI and risk management:

How does AI impact risk management? What kinds of risks can AI help us avoid? What kinds of risks is AI exposing us to and how can we minimize those risks?

What can AI ethics learn from medical ethics?

AI ethics is an emerging discipline, with few years of experience. In order to make progress, it would do well to look at another branch of practical ethics with a much longer history: medical ethics. Just like AI ethics, medical ethics was developed out of the rubble of scandals, and out of the need to govern new technologies that faced us with new dilemmas. Ethical codes, ethics committees, and respect for autonomy have been key to the development of medical ethics – elements that AI ethics would be advised to emulate.

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Videos of Carissa Véliz

The Case for Ending Data Economy | Carissa Véliz | TEDxVitoriaGasteiz
The Case for Ending Data Economy | Carissa Véliz | TEDxVitoriaGasteiz
Carissa Véliz on The Power of Privacy | WIRED Briefings
Carissa Véliz on The Power of Privacy | WIRED Briefings
Privacy is Power
Privacy is Power
Privacy is Power - Carissa Véliz
Privacy is Power - Carissa Véliz

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Comments & Testimonials

“Carissa is an outstanding speaker and workshop leader. She knows how to connect and change an audience. She reveals new ideas through impactful and captivating references, all beamed energetically and empathetically. The echoes of her views continue to influence and accompany us. She has shaped our culture in meaningful ways.”
CEO and Founder of Online Marketing Company
“Carissa is an extraordinary speaker. She is not only knowledgeable about what she says, her passion is clear and the use of real-life examples takes the audience through a journey that is clear, exciting, and eye-opening. She is able not only to explain people about privacy and its relevance—she transforms listeners into privacy advocates”.
Cybersecurity leader for major consulting company

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