Campbell Macpherson Keynote Speaker

  • Multi-disciplined, international, senior business advisor
  • Founder of consultancy Change & Strategy International
  • Author of 'The Change Catalyst: Secrets to successful and sustainable business change', which has won the award of "Business Book of The Year 2018"

Campbell Macpherson's Biography

Campbell Macpherson is a high-energy, multi-disciplined, international keynote speaker who inspires audiences to make positive change. He is a senior business advisor with more than 25 years of experience in enabling the design and successful delivery of strategic change, especially within the financial services.

Campbell advises organisations worldwide via his consultancy Change & Strategy International, which supports leaders in the development and delivery of successful and long-lasting change. Macpherson is an Executive Fellow at Henley Business School and delivers excellent workshops on both leading and embracing change, based on his two best-selling business books.

In 2020, Campbell published, ‘The Power to Change‘ (Kogan Page), a book which inspires readers to embrace and celebrate personal change and to see challenges as opportunities for growth.

His book ‘The Change Catalyst’ (Wiley 2017) was the 2018 Business Book of the Year and focuses on leading and navigating change in a business. This book has been hailed ”essential reading for CEOs and leaders of change.” He believes that change has never been more prevalent or more relevant – for individuals, for governments, for societies and for business. Additionally, the disruption we have witnessed over the last twenty years due to globalisation and the internet is nothing compared to the changes heading our way in the next decade alone. Campbell cites AI, automation, advanced robotics, climate change, immunotherapy, stem cell research, genetic medicine, clean energy, 3D printing, and the continued rise of China as just a few examples of these.

In August 2021, Campbell published his latest book ‘You: Part Two (Thriving in the second half of your life)’, which he co-authored with his wife Jane Macpherson. This inspirational book implores readers to embrace the changes in their lives, while exploring several important topics, including the menopause, aged care, embracing change, ageism in the workplace, funding the Second Half, finding purpose, changing careers, starting a business and resilience.  ‘Second Halfers’ make up 75% of private wealth – they are both the most lucrative customers and the most valuable employees of the business world , making this an important topic for all organisations.

From April 2014-2017, Campbell Macpherson worked as Senior Advisor for Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, one of the world’s largest Sovereign Wealth Funds. Other career highlights have been as Strategic Change Advisor and Executive for IFDS, Aviva, James Hay, International Personal Finance, Friends Life, iPipeline, Cofunds, Gocompare, Centaur Media, and CAF. Campbell also worked as Board and HR Director at Sesame, where he merged five companies into one, creating the UK’s largest IFA Network.

Macpherson’s insights on strategic change have featured in publications such as Forbes and Fast Company. As an expert on change, he runs webinars for businesses with a particular focus on supporting the mental wellbeing of staff and building their resilience through periods of change and disruption. Macpherson believes that having a healthy, resilient workforce will allow businesses to manage and embrace change, and provides invaluable tools and techniques for coping with uncertainty.

Campbell Macpherson is an accomplished, entertaining and thought-provoking public speaker, an experienced Master of Ceremonies and a seasoned facilitator, in demand worldwide. In a world where 88% of change fails, Campbell can help organisations discover the essential ingredients to successful change.

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Campbell Macpherson's Speaking Topics

Change is inevitable. Successful change isn’t.

88% of change initiatives and business strategies fail. How can your organisation can be the 1 in 8 that succeeds?

Leading in an age of uncertainty.

Leadership today is leading change. It is about helping your people to want to change.

Becoming an extraordinary leader.

What an extraordinary leader looks like and how to become one. Introducing Campbell Macpherson’s Checkerboard of Leadership and Spectrum of Leadership Teams.

Mission impossible? Leading change in successful companies.

Change is especially difficult for successful organisations. How to overcome complacency and thrive.

Building a change-ready culture.

Your business success and the wellbeing of your people depend upon whether they are ready, willing and able to embrace change. Are they? Are you? Introducing the culture change checklist.

Resilience and the power to change.

The ability to embrace change and thrive during times of uncertainty is the greatest investment we can make in our employees and ourselves.

Thriving in the second half of your life.

We Second Halfers are just getting started. Don’t talk to us about fading away! This is the end of the beginning not the beginning of the end. Bring it on!

Ageism - the biggest ism of them all?

Ageism is everywhere – in the media, in society, in the workplace. What it is, why it exists and how to battle it.

Do Second Halfers rate your business?

Second Halfers own 75% of the personal wealth and are the fastest growing sector of the population. Is your business attracting and retaining lucrative Second Half customers? Are you retaining your valuable Second half employees? If not, why not and what can you do about it?

Menopause vs MenoPorsche.

Campbell and Jane Macpherson, authors of ‘You: Part two’ discuss menopause and the paler male version in an enlightening, entertaining and interactive celebration of mid-life change.

‘And then a miracle happens’ – financial planning for the second half.

Gen Xers have been rubbish at saving. So how are we going to afford the Part Two we desire?

Navigating the aged care labyrinth.

How do other countries manage aged care? What is the situation today? Where have we gone wrong? What can we do about it?

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Videos of Campbell Macpherson

A Change-Ready Culture
A Change-Ready Culture
What Is A Change Catalyst ?
What Is A Change Catalyst ?
How we react to change - Disruptive Studios London
How we react to change - Disruptive Studios London

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Campbell Macpherson

You Part 2 cover
You: Part Two (Thriving in the second half of your life) [Published August 2021]
The Change Catalyst
The Power to Change

Comments & Testimonials

Campbell is very genuine and brings a lot of realism and practical thinking to his work. His ideas are much more than a “motivational” speech on change. His session was an inspirational and energizing discussion that provided us with the tools and insights to manage change within our department, the wider organisation and in our personal lives as well. I’m confident that those who apply his experience-based tips will improve their performance.
Rod Evans EMEA Director, Intel

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