Calum Chace speaking

Calum Chace Keynote Speaker

  • Expert on the economic and social impact of artificial intelligence
  • Author of 'Surviving AI', 'The Economic Singularity' and 'Pandora's Brain'
  • Chairman, coach and consultant to entrepreneurs

Calum Chace's Biography

Calum Chace is an acclaimed author and engaging speaker on how AI (artificial intelligence) is set to re-shape the global economic and social landscape in the medium- and long-term.

He is the author of ‘The Economic Singularity’ (2016), and “Surviving AI’ (2015). They are concise, easy-to-read guides to what’s coming, explaining – respectively – technological unemployment (the economic singularity) and the possible creation of a super-intelligence (the technological singularity). He is also the author of ‘Pandora’s Brain’ (2014), a novel examining the possible impact of super-intelligence, and its 2021 sequel, ‘Pandora’s Oracle‘.

In 2018 Calum co-founded the Economic Singularity Club, a London based think-tank focused on the future of jobs. It aims to find ways to persuade society to take seriously the possibility of widespread technological unemployability and to promote activities which will enable positive outcomes to be realised, if and when it happens. The Economic Singularity Club published a collection of short stories from members, entitled ‘Stories from 2045’.

He regularly contributes to Forbes and is the author of The Internet Startup Bible, a business best-seller published by Random House in 2000.

Calum is also a chairman, coach and consultant to entrepreneurs, based on 30 years successful experience as a business leader, working as a CEO, strategy consultant, marketer and salesman.

Calum completed a degree in philosophy from Oxford University.

Speaking Topics

  • Surviving AI: What is this AI thing anyway?  An overnight sensation, after 60 years. AI’s Big Bang in 2012 and the state of the art. How did we get here, and where are we going? The promise and the peril
  • The Economic Singularity: De-mystifying AI. The power of exponentials. The Luddite fallacy and the Reverse Luddite Fallacy. How to make joblessness great. A call to arms
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities: Congratulations on choosing to live at the best time ever. The extraordinary achievements and promise of AI. The economic singularity: joblessness and the leisure society. The technological singularity: superintelligence. Humanity’s most important century
  • The Philosophy of AI: Intelligence, consciousness, and AI. Trolleyology: would you throw the fat man off the bridge? Slaves to the algorithm (with apologies to Grace Jones). Could a machine be a moral agent? The simulation hypothesis
  • Digital Transformation – How to Thrive!: Digital transformation is no longer a possible future: we are right in the thick of it. In this talk, Calum demonstrates how companies thrive – they must get ABLE: Adopt the new technologies, become Business model agnostic, Lateral thinking, and Empowering. And how individuals can thrive – they must get REAL: Resilient, Excited, Agile, Lifelong learners.


“We invited Calum to give a talk on digital transformation. It was great! He is a truly exceptional speaker. He has such charisma and at the same time humility. He provided great insights and examples of what the future may bring. We were talking about his presentation for hours. I can’t recommend him enough.” – Procter & Gamble, June 2021

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Videos of Calum Chace

Keynote at Insight conference, March 2020
Keynote at Insight conference, March 2020
"We cannot stop the progress of AI"
Beringea talk, Nov 2016
Beringea talk, Nov 2016
Chartwell Bites - Calum Chace (2020)
Chartwell Bites - Calum Chace (2020)

Books by Calum Chace

Surviving AI Calum Chase
Surviving AI: The promise and peril of artificial intelligence
The Economic Singularity - Calum Chase
The Economic Singularity: Artificial intelligence and the death of capitalism
Pandora's Brain Calum Chace
Pandora's Brain
The Internet Start-Up Bible Calum Chace
The Internet Start-Up Bible

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