Byron V. Garrett Keynote Speaker

  • Chairman, National Family Engagement Alliance (NFEA)
  • Executive Vice President, United Way Worldwide
  • National Thought Leader on Education & Equity

Byron V. Garrett's Biography

An accomplished business executive, government official and humanitarian, Byron V. Garrett is a true renaissance man. One of the most compelling and inspirational voices of our time, Byron is Chairman of the National Family Engagement Alliance (NFEA), a nonprofit dedicated to transforming education through meaningful family engagement. Byron is the Visionary and Chief Creative Officer of The Valdecio Collection, a lifestyle luxury brand consisting of clothing, watches, fragrances and eyewear. The former Director of Educational Leadership & Policy for Microsoft serves as a consulting author for Scholastic.

In 2017, Scholastic launched the Byron V. Garrett Social Emotional Learning Collection. Inspired by his bestselling book, The ABC’s of Life (Scholastic 2013), the library was created to equip young people with the skills needed to navigate society, making it a powerful and inspiring resource for today’s classroom. Byron is also the author of the highly popular There’s Greatness on the Inside and, Motivated for Greatness.

Currently, he is a Board Member for CircleIn, the CeCe Peniston Youth Foundation and the High Point University Alumni Association. Garrett was named “Mr. Enterprise” by Black Enterprise on their Modern Man 100 list.

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Byron V. Garrett's Speaking Topics

  • It All Begins in the Mind

Highly successful and highly effective people recognize, realize and understand one simple principle, It All Begins In The Mind. Based on the mantra "if the mind can conceive and the heart can believe it then the hands can achieve", Byron inspires and engages audiences to plot, plan and strategize their way to success. By exploring current successes and failures, this session equips attendees with the skills needed to navigate life. Whether it's completing school, making a career transition, launching a business or any endeavor you must be clear in your mind and heart about what you desire and commit to bringing it to fruition. It All Begins In The Mind

  • Transforming the Workplace Through Understand Changing Demographics

The nuclear family has been destroyed. The agrarian calendar continues to dominate the K–12 education arena. The proliferation of social networking and technology continues to push education to the limits. In this thought-provoking session, participants will embark on a journey to understand how societal changes are transforming school, work and home. While many talk about fake news and political challenges of the day, a culture of demand-driven consumers has arrived. From the Real Housewives of Atlanta to Siri and Alexa, the landscape has changed, requiring leaders to not only understand but embrace these changing demographics in order to foster success.

  • Family Engagement: Education's Best Kept Secret

The concept of an engaged family takes on different forms depending on where you are located. The notion of a two-parent household is long gone and today, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and neighbors make up the growing “extended family” engaged in the education process of young people. It’s been said that a parent is a child’s first teacher. Research shows clearly that family engagement is a leading indicator of student achievement and valued at an additional $1,000 per pupil funding. With an increasing emphasis on families, this thought-provoking session will uncover the challenges to meaningful engagement while presenting solutions that minimize barriers for success.

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Videos of Byron V. Garrett

National Afterschool Alliance - Keynote - March 2018
National Afterschool Alliance - Keynote - March 2018
International Literacy Association 2017 Conference
International Literacy Association 2017 Conference
Speaker Promo
Speaker Promo
Wired for Greatness - Preparing for a World that Doesn't Exist | Byron Garrett | TEDxDecatur
Wired for Greatness - Preparing for a World that Doesn't Exist | Byron Garrett | TEDxDecatur

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