Burton Rast Keynote Speaker

  • Partner at Strange VC; artist and designer.
  • Former Principal Designer at IDEO; design leadership at Google.
  • Expert in: product leadership; emerging tech & AI; the circular economy; mentorship, collaboration, and company culture; storytelling, photography, and filmmaking.

Burton Rast's Biography

Burton Rast is a speaker, artist, and designer living in San Francisco, California. He has enjoyed a range of disciplines throughout his more than 20-year career, from product leadership, creative direction, and design innovation, to storytelling, photography, and filmmaking.

Burton is a passionate advocate for mentorship and knowledge-sharing, and believes design can be a powerful instrument for change. He is a frequent presenter at companies, universities, and conferences the world over, and has written and spoken extensively about design and its impact on society.

Burton spent seven years at IDEO as a Principal Designer, and another five in design leadership at Google. He has consulted for companies ranging from startups, to tech giants, to the Fortune 50, and presently serves as a Design Partner at Strange Ventures, a San Francisco-based VC firm, advising and investing in early-stage AI startups.

Burton regularly speaks to audiences about career and life lessons, as well as hard-fought truths, realized both in and out of the workplace. And he cooks a mean omelet; so mean, in fact, that he once made them for the entire IDEO studio.

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Burton Rast's Speaking Topics

  • The circular economy / circular design

  • Emerging tech & AI

  • Mentorship and company culture

  • Imposter syndrome and the hedonic treadmill

  • Lessons learned from the world's top design & tech roles

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Videos of Burton Rast

Burton Rast Speaker Reel
Burton Rast Speaker Reel

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