Bruno Imbrizi Keynote Speaker

  • Innovative Visual Developer
  • Expert on computer data display
  • Technological Artist

Bruno Imbrizi's Biography

Bruno Imbrizi is a visual developer who specialises in making artistic images and games with computer code. Bruno’s work is a fusion between computer science and art. His art work challenges the viewer’s perception and brings to life the user’s interaction with their computer screen. Bruno recently developed a map of the London Underground that predicts where the tube trains are at any given moment. The map is a work of art in itself.

Bruno’s work includes developing games, branding and advertising for a variety of companies including Lipton’s and Nissan. His work is a refreshing approach to computers that invites the viewer to partake in the advert and often portrays the company’s message in a fun and original fashion.

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Videos of Bruno Imbrizi

Bruno’s path following work (2013)
Bruno’s path following work (2013)

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