Bruce Dickinson Keynote Speaker

  • Author of Sunday Times #1 bestseller, "What Does This Button Do?"
  • Pilot, commercial airline captain, and founder of aircraft maintenance business, Caerdav
  • Lead singer of Iron Maiden

Bruce Dickinson's Biography

Bruce Dickinson is a pilot and commercial airline captain, award-winning beer brewer, film scriptwriter, TV presenter, sports commentator, best-selling author, also known for being the lead singer of Iron Maiden.  He is an enthusiastic and charismatic speaker on business, entrepreneurialism, creative thinking, and brings excellent energy to his talks, along with the secrets of his experience, knowledge and insight.

Bruce qualified as pilot and commercial airline captain and later set up Caerdav (formerly Cardiff Aviation), a business providing aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and pilot training.  He has invested in the British manufacturer of the eco-friendly hybrid air vehicle, Airlander HAY, and in edible drone designed to carry humanitarian aid to inaccessible disaster areas, Pouncer.

Bruce was appointed RAF honorary group captain, where he works as an ambassador and advocate of the prestigious 601 Squadron.

He wrote autobiography, “What Does This Button Do?”, which was a Sunday Times #1 best-seller. In this bold, honest and funny memoir, he recounts tales from his life, including his eccentric British childhood, the rise of Maiden and life as a rock icon, as well as the philosophy of fencing and his life working with beautiful British Boeings.

Bruce delivers world-class talks to business audiences across the world, from multi-national corporations to startups, drawing from his vast experience operating in the realms of rock music and commercial aviation. His talks are tailored to his audiences, and emphasise the importance of teamwork, communication, forward-planning and dealing with setback in order to adapt and learn.

Speaking Topics: 

  • From Rock Star to Businessman
  • Turning Your Customers into Fans
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Culture
  • Business Start-Ups
  • Business Turnaround
  • Risk Management
  • The Travel & Aviation Industry
  • Team Building
  • The Life and Times of Bruce
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Business Creativity


“In a generally risk averse environment, it was inspiring to hear Bruce talking about risk and almost embracing it as a strategy for managing it and maximising on the opportunities it can bring.” – Travel Industry Forum

“Bruce was excellent, very entertaining and absolutely perfect for our marketing and media event.” – Literary Event Organisers

“Armed only with his humor, charm and a simple slideshow, Bruce Dickinson offers an intimate idea of his dazzling life.” – Media Group

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Videos of Bruce Dickinson

   GB Search       Avatar image From Rock Star to Businessman | Bruce Dickinson | TEDxMalmö
GB Search Avatar image From Rock Star to Businessman | Bruce Dickinson | TEDxMalmö
Bruce Dickinson at the Management & Business Summit
Bruce Dickinson at the Management & Business Summit
Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickenson What Does This Button Do book interview
Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickenson What Does This Button Do book interview

Books by Bruce Dickinson

What Does This Button Do?

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