Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley Keynote Speaker

  • Keynote speaker on remote working & workplace culture
  • Former European Vice President, Twitter & Former UK Managing Director, YouTube
  • Bestselling author on workplace culture

Bruce Daisley's Biography

Bruce Daisley is a highly engaging, inspiring and charismatic keynote speaker and a best-selling author . He was the EMEA Vice President for Twitter, the organisation’s most senior employee outside the US, stepping down after eight years in early 2020 to pursue his career as a consultant on workplace culture.

Bruce’s book “The Joy of Work” (Penguin Random House) – on improving workplace culture – was the bestselling business hardback of 2019 and came runner-up as CMI Management Book of the Year. It has been translated into 15 international editions and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and the Washington Post. His original audio book on remote working ‘No Office Required’ was Audible’s pick of the month in February 2021.

Bruce is an expert on the evolution of work – taking in remote working, workplace culture and nurturing innovation. He regularly appears on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Television talking about how our relationship with work is transforming, and how organisations can be ready for it.

In 2022, Penguin Books will publish his second book about the mistakes we make thinking about resilience. Daisley’s book is eye-opening on the shortcoming of talking about resilience and goes deep into groundbreaking research that explains how we can better demonstrate that strength.

Bruce Daisley is one of our most highly-rated speakers, often winning praise for his entertaining, engaging style. Having had a front seat in the creation of both Twitter and YouTube he readily shares captivating stories of the challenges of creating – and policing – such rich and complex platforms.

Speaking Topics include:

Surviving working in 2021

  • Remote working
  • Workplace culture in the lockdown era
  • The culture secrets of the best firms in the world
  • Personal wellbeing (and beating burnout)
The future of work
  • What does a return to the office look like?
  • Will remote work stay with us?
  • How will firms choose what is best?
  • What do workers/bosses/firms want?
  • The network & market effects of work that we miss at our peril
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Videos of Bruce Daisley

Eat Sleep Work Repeat
Eat Sleep Work Repeat
Like Minds - Keynote
Like Minds - Keynote
CBI Annual Conference
CBI Annual Conference
The myth of resilience
The myth of resilience

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Books by Bruce Daisley

The Joy of Work

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