Brian Glibkowski Keynote Speaker

  • CEO of Semplar Science Corp
  • Author of "Answer Intelligence: Raise Your AQ", nominated for a 2022 Prose award for professional and scholarly excellence
  • Visiting Professor at Imperial College London

Brian Glibkowski's Biography

Dr. Brian Glibkowski is Associate Professor of Management at North Central College in Illinois, USA. He is an entrepreneur, CEO of Semplar Science Corp and a world-leading authority on the role of questions and answers in business and society.

His journey started with his research on questions. He authored an article on questions that has been recognized by the Association of Human Resource Development as one of ten articles that will shape the 21st century. This research led to the founding a funded software company to develop a more systematic approach to develop questions for surveys.

During his focus upon questions, one simple observation stopped him in his tracks. We know a lot about questions. We know very little about answers. In school, children are taught about questions, not answers. Our children learn about the six wh-questions (why, what, when, where, who, how) and they learn about open and closed questions. They do not learn this same typology for answers. Almost all professionals, including journalists, physicians, sales reps, and executive coaches, have been trained in questions, but not answers. Business books with a question in the title outnumber books with an answer in the title 3 to 1.

His is the author of “Answer Intelligence: Raise Your AQ”. Answer Intelligence (AQ)™ is a new science of answers that is nominated for a 2022 Prose award for professional and scholarly excellence.  It was named as a 2022 Business Book Awards Finalist for Smart Thinking: “books that introduce new ideas or cast new light on old subjects, challenging and improving the way we think, work and live.” and translated into multiple languages. The AQ framework has been adopted by universities, including the Imperial College of London Business School (global top 20). Certified AQ Partners from the USA, UK, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, Australia, India, and elsewhere use AQ with forward thinking organizations around the world.

Brian’s talks focus on his award-winning research around a new science of answers, Answer Intelligence (AQ). He tailors each talk to the audience and works with clients to create a truly customised experience. He helps clients to identify “your answers” to integrate into the workshop for greater impact and relevance.

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Brian Glibkowski's Speaking Topics

Answer First

Great for keynotes. Answer first in a question-first world is to reimagine the role of answers in effective communication. ​We live in a question-first world where we are taught using question-based methods in sales, coaching, journalism, and in most professionals. In this paradigm shifting talk, the goal is to introduce and inspire an Answer-first paradigm for greater influence in business and life.

Raise Your AQ

Great for a hands-on communication skill building workshop. Roll-up your sleeves and Raise Your AQ. In this hands-on workshop, you choose a theme (Sales, Leadership, Teamwork, Culture, etc) and the entire workshop is developed around this theme. For example, Sales AQ could explore value proposition communication to engage executive buyers. The workshop teaches the High AQ practices of the best communicators.

Answers are for Influence

Great for a keynote or workshop. This balanced presentation is fun, upbeat, and filled with practical takeaways. This presentation seeks to inspire, but offer a hands-on experience to let attendees climb the first rung on the ladder toward elevated AQ.

High AQ: The Summit is Within Reach

Great for a keynote, Dr. Glibkowski interviews your executives, rank-and-file employees, customers, or other import stakeholders to identify elevated answers that your organization uses to influence others and the world around you. Your High AQ exemplars are on full display in a self-awaking and inspirational talk.

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Videos of Brian Glibkowski

Answer Intelligence (AQ) | Brian Glibkowski, MBA, PhD | TEDxGeorgiaTech
Answer Intelligence (AQ) | Brian Glibkowski, MBA, PhD | TEDxGeorgiaTech
Answer Intelligence for Leaders with Dr Brian Glibkowski
Answer Intelligence for Leaders with Dr Brian Glibkowski
AQ in Video 1 - The Circle
AQ in Video 1 - The Circle

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Brian Glibkowski

Answer Intelligence: Raise your AQ (2021)

Comments & Testimonials

“Dr. Glibkowski’s powerful presentation paired with his customization for our audience resulted in an engaging experience.”
Steve Dion Founder & CEO, Dion Leadership

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