Brenda Jin Keynote Speaker

  • Founder, Guanyin Labs
  • Former Staff Engineer at Slack & Senior UI Developer at
  • Entrepreneur, self-taught software engineer and non-profit board member of Girl Develop It

Brenda Jin's Biography

Brenda Jin Speaker Profile:

Brenda Jin is an entrepreneur, software engineer, and non-profit board member.

She’s the founder of Guanyin Labs, a company that’s helping employees reach their full potential. Before Guanyin Labs, Brenda taught herself to code in 2013 and became a Senior UI Developer at, then a Staff Engineer at Slack.

Her leadership in technology centers on the customer and user. She designed and built the DLP and eDiscovery products for Slack’s first enterprise product. At, Brenda led the prototyping and development of the first responsive tablet-optimized browse experience and first web-based responsive checkout experience.

As a Board Member for Girl Develop It, she is proud to guide an organization that empowers thousands of women and non-binary adults with software skills every month. In this role, she led strategic planning, recruited and added new board directors, and advised on staffing strategy and executive compensation.

Under Brenda’s leadership, the San Francisco chapter of Girl Develop It grew from 2000 to 9100 members and over 40 software development workshops and events per year. Together with a team of chapter leaders, teachers, and teaching assistants, they transformed the chapter from in-debt to $30,000+ annual revenue.

Brenda writes about work and software design. She is a co-author of Designing Web APIs (O’Reilly). Check out Brenda’s popular posts Technical Leadership: Getting Started and Not Technical Enough: What Does That Mean?.

Speaking Topics:

  • Teach yourself how to code
  • Develop a fulfilling and impactful career
  • How to lead with influence, build a better team, and create a positive work environment
  • Navigate difficult decisions, transitions, and conversations at work


For availability and speaker fees, please contact Brenda Jin’s speaking agent at Chartwell here, or call +1 972 385 1021 for U.S. inquiries or +44 207 293 0864 for international inquiries.

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Videos of Brenda Jin

Custom Slack Integrations
Custom Slack Integrations
Girl Develop It - The Start Up Tapes
Girl Develop It - The Start Up Tapes
Real World React Meet Up
Real World React Meet Up

Comments & Testimonials

Thank you SO much for coming and leading a session last night. I got a ton of awesome feedback about both of your sessions, and it sounds like people learned a ton. Your questions for the group were creative and really drove the conversation forward in different ways for both groups. Thanks again - you're a huge part of the reason I think the event was a success.
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