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Bradley Scanes Keynote Speaker

  • High performance coach and physiotherapist
  • Played a pivotal role in steering World Formula 1 Drivers Champion Max Verstappen to victory three times
  • Speaker on unlocking peak performance in sports, business and life

Bradley Scanes's Biography

Bradley Scanes is a high performance coach, physiotherapist and speaker on unlocking peak performance in sports, business and life.

An illustrious 13-year career in elite sports performance as part of multiple high performing world championship winning teams, speaks volumes about Brad’s expertise and dedication. His extensive experience, particularly in professional football, successful Olympic cycles with Gymnastics and Basketball, and Formula 1, has honed his skills as a versatile high performance coach and expert physiotherapist. Notably, Bradley has played a pivotal role in steering World Formula 1 Drivers Champion Max Verstappen to victory three times in a row, showcasing his exceptional ability to optimise an athlete’s performance across various facets, including training, physiotherapy, nutrition, recovery, and sleep patterns.

Bradley’s influence also extended to nurturing rising talents at the Red Bull Junior Academy, where his comprehensive physical and mental preparation systems have propelled drivers to success across various tiers from F1 to Karting. Moreover, his consulting work with drivers on the circuit and his involvement in projects across the UK, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East underscore his global impact in the sports performance arena.

Bradley’s unparalleled expertise and proven success in the elite global sports arena has  also catapulted individuals to Olympic gold medals in Gymnastics, World Championships in Gymnastics and Triathlon and their performance zenith in Cycling, Boxing and UFC, and has solidified his reputation as a preeminent figure in the world of sports performance and physiotherapy. This impressive track record, combined with his comprehensive understanding of high-performing team dynamics, sports management, and event logistics, has positioned Brad as a go-to professional for clients seeking to achieve their utmost potential.

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Bradley Scanes's Speaking Topics

  • Unlocking peak performance in sports, business and life.

Brad shares the secrets of how the habits of the World Champion athletes allows them to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

  • Optimise your life and achieve high performance

Brad shows you how the accumulation of winning in health, fitness and recovery can improve your mental and cognitive function and allow you to achieve high performance.

  • How champions become champions. Building the winning mindset.

Brad shares the secrets on what it takes to win. The mental resilience and relentlessness to become the very best.

  • Building a culture of excellence. Strategies for high performance organisations.

Brad shares the secrets of the make up of some of World’s best championship winning teams. How they goal set, how they communicate and how they navigate change and embrace disruption.

  • The travelling CEO: How to always perform

Optimising jet lag planning, sleep and exercise whilst travelling and performing across the world.

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Comments & Testimonials

The feedback from the dinner you hosted has been absolutely fantastic - thanks again for taking the time. Specifically, all the guests loved the knowledge that you shared regarding pro athletes' nutrition, exercise, mental training and travel optimization; and then practical ideas of how they might incorporate some of those approaches into their own lives. It was a fantastic way for us to show that group that we care about their performance and well-being.
Managing Partner Google Ventures
Bradley is a great communicator. He was able to take complex performance concepts and distill them down to relatable examples to allow me to understand how to apply them to my life as a business leader. I came away with a number of lessons about how to improve my own performance across both work and my personal life.
Co Founder Rooser
I was really impressed by how Bradley was able to take the learnings he has from elite sports performance and apply it to the life of a startup founder. I took away a number of lessons about how best to manage common stressors and challenges without compromising on my ability to perform and my long term health and longevity as a CEO".

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