Boomer Anderson Keynote Speaker

  • Entrepreneur
  • Health and Lifestyle Specialist
  • Founder and Director of Human Optimization of Decoding Superhuman BV

Boomer Anderson's Biography

Boomer Anderson is the founder of Decoding Superhuman, a health consulting firm. Decoding Superhuman is dedicated to working with high performing professionals to battle issues like stress, sleep, burnout, and balance. The company utilizes genetics and additional biomarkers to develop custom lifestyle modifications leading to increased physical and mental performance.

Prior to starting Decoding Superhuman, Boomer worked for 8-years at a bulge-bracket investment bank in Singapore and New York. Boomer Anderson was in charge of debt capital markets for South Asia.

After years of traveling, 200,000+ miles a year, Boomer was diagnosed with heart disease at the age of 30. The strategies and systems he developed to better his condition led to higher levels of physical and mental performance and the founding of Decoding Superhuman.

Boomer advises entrepreneurs, CEOs, consultants, bankers, executives, and companies on how to optimize performance through health. His mission is to make sure working professionals avoid his situation and to help the worl d’s decision makers make better decisions.

Boomer graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with a Bachelors of Science in Business. He is a certified Epigenetics Coach and member of the International Coaches Federation.

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