Bobo Lo Keynote Speaker

  • Russian and Chinese foreign policy expert
  • Director, Russia and China Programme, Centre for European Reform (2008-09)
  • Head, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House (2005-08)

Bobo Lo's Biography

Bobo Lo is an independent analyst. He was previously Director of the China and Russia Programmes at the Centre for European Reform; Head of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House; and Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian Embassy in Moscow.

Dr. Lo writes extensively on Russian and Chinese foreign policy. His books include “Russia and the New World Disorder” (forthcoming in July 2015), “Axis of Convenience: Moscow, Beijing and the New Geopolitics” (2008), “Vladimir Putin and the Evolution of Russian Foreign Policy” (2003), and “Russian Foreign Policy in the Post-Soviet Era: Reality, Illusion and Mythmaking” (2002).

Other recent writings include ‘Frontiers new and old: Russia’s policy in Central Asia’, Russie.NEI.Visions, no.82, January 2015; ‘Crimea’s Sudeten crisis’, Project Syndicate, 18 March 2014; ‘Russia’s Eastern direction: distinguishing the real from the virtual’, Russie.NEI.Visions, no.17, January 2014; ‘Putin’s pivot: why Russia is looking East’ (with Fiona Hill), Foreign Affairs, 31 July 2013; ‘A 21st century myth – authoritarian modernization in Russia and China’ (with Lilia Shevtsova), Carnegie Moscow Center report, June 2012; and ‘A partnership of convenience’, New York Times, 7 June 2012.

Bobo Lo has an MA from Oxford and a PhD from the University of Melbourne.

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Videos of Bobo Lo

Russia, China and World Order
Russia, China and World Order
Russia and the West - past, present, and future
Russia and the West - past, present, and future

Books by Bobo Lo

Russia and the New World Disorder
Russia and the New World Disorder

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