Bilawal Sidhu Keynote Speaker

  • Leading tech influencer with 980k followers on TikTok and 380k subscribers on YouTube
  • Expert in generative AI, 3D technologies, the metaverse, and augmented reality
  • Former Product Manager at Google who played important role in creating Google's Immersive View, ARCore Geospatial API and YouTubeVR

Bilawal Sidhu's Biography

Bilawal Sidhu better known as “BillyFX” on social media is an AI visionary and creative technologist.

Wielding AI and 3D technologies, Bilawal blurs the line between reality and imagination through his creations of immersive alternate realities.

Bilawal has more than a decade of experience in tech, specialising in generative AI and visual effects. He was formerly Product Manager at Google where Bilawal worked on ground-breaking projects such as Google’s Immersive View, ARCore Geospatial API and YouTubeVR.

Prior to Google, Bilawal Sidhu developed enterprise AR and VR solutions at Deloitte Digital. He is currently a full-time content creator with more than 980k followers on Tiktok and 380k subscribers on YouTube. Bilawal is an expert in techniques such as ControlNet, which allows users to guide an AI image generation process and Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs). NeRFs create volumetric 3D scenes based on 2D images, which he uses to transform real-world settings and tell cinematic stories. Sidhu’s viral videos have amassed over 165 million views on YouTube.

Driven by a mission to empower the next generation of artists and entrepreneurs, Sidhu openly shares AI-assisted workflows and industry insights on Twitter and Substack. He hopes to demystify AI creation, encourage creative expression and inspire others to embrace the potential of what he coins, the “co-pilot era.” Sidhu is proud to proclaim that he taught himself many of the 3D and visual effects he uses today.

Bilawal is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and has spoken at events such as TED2023, the Generative AI Conference, and Design Matters. He is a recognised thought leader in 3D, generative AI, the metaverse, and augmented reality. Sidhu discusses topics such as the global challenges of AI, the future of AI, the creative possibilities of AI when technology is combined with art and its potential to transform industries and foster innovation.

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Videos of Bilawal Sidhu

How AI Is Changing Creative technology..and Everything Else
How AI Is Changing Creative technology..and Everything Else
How I Turned My Passion Into A Career: A 3D Creator's Journey
How I Turned My Passion Into A Career: A 3D Creator's Journey

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