Ben Wallace Keynote Speaker

  • Former Secretary Of State For Defence (2019 - 2023)
  • NATO’s longest-serving Defence Secretary in recent times
  • Decorated former army officer with substantial knowledge of the Middle East and the Pacific theatre

Ben Wallace's Biography

Ben Wallace, a British politician and expert in national security, has held roles as the UK Secretary of State for Defence as well as Minister of State for Security and Economic Crime. Wallace has been known for his involvement in strengthening NATO alliances and for his leadership during the UK’s military response to global conflicts. His expertise make him a highly sought-after speaker on topics such as defence strategy, international security as well as geopolitical shifts.

Ben Wallace graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1991, before serving in the British Army. He was commissioned into the British Army’s Scots Guards shortly after where he served in Northern Ireland, Germany, Cyprus, and Belize.

Ben joined the aerospace company QinetiQ in 2003 having already entered politics as a Conservative Member of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, and was elected as the member of Parliament at the Lancaster and Wyre constituency in 2005 where his political career began. Over his tenure, Wallace has held several key positions, including Minister of State for Security and Economic Crime (2016-2019), where he then went on to hold the position of Secretary of State for Defence in 2019, where he later resigned in 2024.

Ben Wallace’s leadership was particularly pivotal during the UK’s military involvements abroad and in strengthening the country’s position within NATO. His strategic decisions have been crucial in navigating the complex landscapes of modern warfare and diplomacy. His military background has greatly influenced his approach to defence and security policies. Ben has also contributed to various discussions and policies on economic crime, leveraging his position to enhance the UK’s capabilities in combating financial offences. His approach has earned him respect and recognition on both national and international platforms.

Ben Wallace’s career in security is marked by his commitment to enhancing national defence strategies. His work continues to influence global defence policies, making him a keynote speaker on international security and defence topics.

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Ben Wallace's Speaking Topics

  • Military

He speaks about defence strategies, international security, as well as geopolitical shifts. He also provides leadership strategies in response to UK's military global conflicts.

  • National security & politics

From his role as the UK Secretary of State for Defence and a member of parliament , he speaks on initiatives to modernize the armed forces, integrating advanced technology and enhancing cyber-defense capabilities.

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Videos of Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace | UK Defence Secretary gives speech on NATO
Ben Wallace | UK Defence Secretary gives speech on NATO
Ben Wallace on Britain's Defence and the Future of NATO
Ben Wallace on Britain's Defence and the Future of NATO
Ben Wallace on leading through crisis and the private toll of an addiction to politics
Ben Wallace on leading through crisis and the private toll of an addiction to politics

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