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Bassam Fattouh speaker

Bassam Fattouh

speaker location icon Oxford, UK

Expert on energy commodities and finance in the Middle East and North Africa

Director of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (2005-present)

Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (2005-present)

Dr. Bassam Fattouh is a specialist in energy commodities, particularly oil and oil products, and Middle East and North Africa energy. He is also a thoughtful commentator on the economic, business and institutional environment of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as management perspectives and sectoral issues in these regions, and Islamic banking and finance.

He is the Director of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies. He has published a variety of articles on the international oil pricing system, OPEC pricing power, security of Middle Eastern oil supplies, and the dynamics of oil prices and oil price differentials where his articles has appeared in Energy Economics, The Energy Journal, and Energy Policy.

Dr. Fattouh also acts as a consultant to a number of governments and international oil companies, and is a regular speaker at international conferences. He served as a member of an independent expert group established to provide recommendations to the 12th International Energy Forum (IEF) Ministerial Meeting in Cancun (29-31 March 2010), for strengthening the architecture of the producer-consumer dialogue through the IEF.

Our Comment

"Bassam Fattouh is an expert speaker on various aspects of the international oil pricing system such as the relationship between the futures market and spot market, the relationship between OPEC and the market, the causes of oil price volatility and the dynamics of oil price differentials. He also has a strong background in the economic environment of the Middle East."

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