Basim Al-Ahmadi Keynote Speaker

  • Co-founder of one of the world's leading publications that provides political risk analysis, Global Risk Insights (GRI)
  • Head of Digital Growth at THINK Research and Advisory
  • Co-Developed a cutting-edge political forecasting methodology called Future Generator

Basim Al-Ahmadi's Biography

Basim Al-Ahmadi is a strategic advisor and political risk consultant.  He is a leading keynote speaker on politics, economics and global risk.

He is Head of Digital Growth at THINK Research and Advisory, an innovative outfit providing insights into the MENA region. THINK is born out of SRMG, a leading publicly listed media group.

Basim is co-founder of Global Risk Insights (GRI), one of the world’s leading publications that provides political risk analysis. Described by the former President of the London School of Economics (LSE) as an “invaluable resource”, GRI has grown exponentially since its launch and now has over 700 analysts situated around the world, including former presidential advisors, industry experts, professors and academics.

GRI’s analysis has been widely referenced, including by financial institutions, multilateral organisations (including NATO, EU, United Nations), World Economic Forum, US Congressional hearings, former foreign ministers and bestselling books. GRI analysis has also featured in leading media outlets, including BBC World, Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg, and TIME Magazine, among others.

Basim has worked at the forefront of innovation in political risk, including leading on efforts, along with Ethnographic Edge, to develop Future Generator, a cutting-edge political forecasting methodology which enables investors to forecast political events.

Basim managed the Middle East practice at strategic consultancy, SET Advisory, based in London. He was primarily responsible for guiding multinational corporations and private equity firms through the political landscape of the region.

Basim Al-Ahmadi holds a Masters in Theory & History of International Relations from the London School of Economics (LSE). At the LSE, he was the founding President of the award-winning Political Risk & Investment Society (PRIS).

Basim has spoken at conferences and universities around the world and continues to counsel business leaders on global and regional political risks.

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Basim Al-Ahmadi's Speaking Topics

Innovation and technology in the political risk sector

Political risk industry: trends and opportunities

Young leaders and political risk: empowering the next generation of analysts

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Videos of Basim Al-Ahmadi

AHIC 2018: The World in Flux - Increasing Risk = Increasing Opportunity
AHIC 2018: The World in Flux - Increasing Risk = Increasing Opportunity
Saudi's Royal reshuffle | IG
Saudi's Royal reshuffle | IG
Political Risk 101: An introduction with Basim Al-Ahmadi
Political Risk 101: An introduction with Basim Al-Ahmadi

Comments & Testimonials

Basim and I have worked successfully together on a number of challenges requiring awareness of political and economic situations, in all their complexity and uncertainty. Basim is a born communicator, with a warm and positive personality which people find easy to engage with.
James Watt CVO Former UK Ambassador
I have been chairing conferences for more than 6 years and have seen hundreds of speakers. Basim always has insightful thoughts and knows very well how to entertain the audience. There’s always something new to learn from him.
Hussein Sayed Business Show Host, CNBC Arabia

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