Ash Smith Keynote Speaker

  • Founder of Pitch To Inspire; Helping Organisations Develop World Class Teams & World Class People
  • Executive Coach & Mentor
  • Former Coach to International Class Athletes

Ash Smith's Biography

Ash Smith is a performance coach with over 20 years experience of helping people make permanent behaviour changes. He develops their skills and more importantly their ability to perform on the biggest stage, having coached athletes to achieve 8 Junior World Championships, 3 World Team Championship medals, Paralympic medals and numerous appearances at Wimbledon.

As a keen junior tennis player he harboured ambitions of a playing career on the professional tour, but having been asked to assist his own coach in delivering some lessons he quickly realised the he took more satisfaction from helping others achieve than he did from competing himself. Thus a career in coaching was born.

Ash has worked at all levels of sport, from building programmes from scratch to working with elite athletes,  helping people achieve more than they thought was possible for them. In 2012 Ash was selected to join Elite Coach Apprenticeship programme with UK Sport, a select group of coaches from across the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines, brought together to provide the highest level of coach education from world class practitioners, and was also part of a working group of coaches helping to shape the talent pathways for Olympic and Paralympic sports in the UK.

Outside of sport Ash has worked with businesses of all sizes, schools & colleges, military personal and individuals to share his thoughts on “What It Takes To Win” – mindset lessons he has learned from working with the very best in elite sport – helping people develop the mental skills they need to thrive and not just survive in business and in life.

Ash has worked with some of the world’s best practitioners in psychology, cognitive behaviour, change management and leadership, working towards his philosophy of building “adaptable experts”: people who can think on their feet and react to the environment around them. Ash has honed a facilitative coaching style which is both relaxed and highly effective and is an experienced speaker in education, conference and corporate settings.

So, If you would like to develop adaptable experts in your organisation and accelerate your teams towards high performance, a seminar or keynote from Ash is a winning decision.

Speaking Topics

  • What it takes to win
    • What are the processes used by sporting systems that continually produce medal winning athletes?
    • How do these athletes remain mentally tough under the most intense pressure so that they can deliver when it matters most?
    • What can businesses learn from sport and apply to optimise performance and develop high performance teams and high performance people?
  • How to manage negative thoughts/fear
  • How to make better/more effective decisions
  • How to set and track goals/performance like an elite athlete
  • The “Secrets” of high performance teams


“Ash – thanks very much for your presentation. Very relatable and I’ve taken lots away. It’s always good to know I’m not alone in my fears!” –  A. Wright BCD Meetings & Events

“Ash, huge thanks for such an exceptional speech last night, it covered such relevant topics and was extremely well delivered, thank you. I took so many notes for myself and will certainly be implementing them. We’ve had wonderful feedback from our members and guests, which is always a good sign. I’m really very grateful for you taking your time to speak at our event.“ – R.Peutherer, IMN London

“We attended an event in London where Ash Smith delivered the keynote speech about adopting an elite athlete’s mindset and how to incorporate that into life / business… really informative with some fantastic nuggets of information shared!” – O.Janes, Entrepreneur

Ash has a calm and methodical approach to clearing the mist and seemingly insurmountable challenge ahead. We were on an extremely tight deadline with too much to lose, but despite this Ash simplified it all so that our core message was concise and clear.” – R.Campbell, Director, Elevate Studios

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Videos of Ash Smith

What it takes to Win: Will it make the boat go faster
What it takes to Win: Will it make the boat go faster

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