Arturo Bris Keynote Speaker

  • Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center
  • Expert on global competitiveness, financial development and macroeconomics
  • Author of "BlockChange" providing insights on how to survive the crypto economy

Arturo Bris's Biography

Arturo Bris is a reputed keynote speaker and the Director of the IMD World Competitiveness Center. He is a provoking economist, able to make the best out of data in order to explain very complex issues in a simple and meaningful manner.

Arturo is an expert in competitiveness, the future economy, fintech, and financial strategy. He is often featured in conferences in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In his executive education programs he has worked with senior teams in programs about finance leadership, business partnering, financial regulation, competitiveness, fintech, banking strategy and the future of talent.

As a Director of the IMD World Competitiveness Center, Arturo works closely with governments in countries like Thailand, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and China.

In his latest book “BlockChange” Arturo explores the social implications of blockchain technology and the new type of companies and communities that disintermediation will create. He is currently working in a book that analyses how companies’ success is primarily driven by country and global factors, and it is based on his multiple experiences with politicians and decision makers all over the world.

Professor Arturo Bris ranks among the top one hundred most-read finance academics in the world. He graduated in Law and Economics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and received an MSc from CEMFI (Foundation of the Bank of Spain). He holds a PhD in Management from INSEAD.

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Videos of Arturo Bris

Keynote Speech at FHH Forum - Please paste link into your browser to view video
Keynote Speech at FHH Forum - Please paste link into your browser to view video
Are you a growth or a value company?
Are you a growth or a value company?
Finance class with Prof. Arturo Bris
Finance class with Prof. Arturo Bris
Kyiv International Economic Forum
Kyiv International Economic Forum

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