Anna Piperal Keynote Speaker

  • e-Governance Expert
  • Branding and Marketing Specialist
  • TED Talk 'What a digital government looks like'

Anna Piperal's Biography

Anna Piperal is a digital enthusiast, e-governance expert, branding professional, and strategic intervention coach. Her experience and education in marketing and state governance have led her to become a Managing Director at the e-Estonia Showroom – an executive briefing center and an innovation hub, part of Estonian Business and Innovation Agency to support the knowledge and technology transfer from Estonia to the world. In her talks, she shares the story of the most digital society in the world and sheds the light on the e-Estonia creators’ mindset. She is highlighting the benefits, challenges, and advantages of building a next-level seamless “zero-bureaucracy” government ecosystem.

Anna is a professional public speaker and has spoken to thousands of international decision-makers like world leaders, kings, presidents, ministers, business people, investors, and media at the e-Estonia Showroom as well as spoke at hundreds of international conventions. She spoke at TED in July 2019, discussing the benefits of e-Government in Estonia. Anna seeks to convince business and state leaders to implement technology in order to create a transparent and efficient effect, saving costs and gradually increasing citizens’ trust. Through her work, she has helped with the exploration of new ideas that could push the world to a better, bureaucracy-free space, she has supported the introduction of Estonian blockchain in the EU and has led projects, such as building VR-Estonia that allows anyone to drive into Estonian digital reality. For a number of years Anna was also the Estonian National Expert for World Summit Awards, choosing and validating the best Estonian startups for the contest.
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Anna Piperal's Speaking Topics

• E-governance and digital services

• Building the brand of e-Estonia

• Blockchain for the government

• Building trust into governments

• Citizen centric services

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Videos of Anna Piperal

TED | What a digital government looks like | Anna Piperal
TED | What a digital government looks like | Anna Piperal
Code Blue, Tokyo | Keynote: Digital Society
Code Blue, Tokyo | Keynote: Digital Society "e-Estonia" by Anna Piperal
Chartwell Bites - Anna Piperal (2020)
Chartwell Bites - Anna Piperal (2020)

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