Amy Myers Jaffe Keynote Speaker

  • Leading expert on global energy policy, geopolitical risk and sustainability
  • Executive Director for Energy and Sustainability, University of California
  • Elle Magazine's "Women for the Environment" (2006)
Amy Myers Jaffe speaker

Amy Myers Jaffe's Biography

Amy Myers Jaffe is a leading expert and influential speaker on the geopolitics of oil and gas, energy security and risk, and global energy policy and sustainability.

Amy serves as Executive Director for Energy and Sustainability at University of California, Davis with a joint appointment to the Graduate School of Management and Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS). At ITS-Davis, Amy heads the fossil fuel component of Next STEPS (Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways).

As an energy consultant, Amy is a frequent keynote speaker at major energy industry and investment conferences and at board meetings of industry and environmental NGOs. She has provided testimony on Capital Hill on energy matters as well as to governments in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She currently serves as a member of the Global Agenda Council on New Energy Architecture with the World Economic Forum and as an advisory board member of GE Ecoimagination, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

A widely published and quoted commentator on energy and the environment in international media, and the recipient of the Award for Excellence in Energy Writing by the International Association for Energy Economics, Amy is currently leading a major study with Harvard and Rice University on unconventional gas and its impact on global markets and geopolitics.

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Videos of Amy Myers Jaffe

TEDxRiceU: Energy Policy (2012)
TEDxRiceU: Energy Policy (2012)
The Energy Mix: The Outlook for the Next 30 Years (2013)
The Energy Mix: The Outlook for the Next 30 Years (2013)

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