Amer Iqbal Keynote Speaker

  • Former Head of Digital Transformation at Meta
  • Author, 5 Ways to Innovate
  • Innovation Coach

Amer Iqbal's Biography

Amer Iqbal is an innovation consultant who has guided dozens of Fortune 500 companies to build the business of tomorrow. He is also the author of the upcoming book The 5 Ways to Innovate and hosts the Riding the Wave of Innovation podcast. He helps organizations think, act and behave more like a startup in order to reimagine their future in a digital economy.

Amer is the former Head of Digital Transformation at Meta (Facebook) in APAC. Before joining Meta, he helped to scale Deloitte Digital from the ground up to the leading digital creative consultancy in the region. Previously he was General Manager & Head of Strategy at Deepend, a multi-award-winning advertising agency in Sydney, Australia. Over the past 20 years he has also built several successful startups and advised dozens of multinational corporations on their innovation strategy.

Amer was a finalist for 2011 Young Executive of the Year and has been featured in numerous publications including Australian Financial Review, Economic Times, HRM Asia, AdNews and WARC.

He has lectured at University of NSW and UTS, mentored at Sydney Marketing Society and coached executives across a broad range of verticals. He is regularly engaged as an industry thought leader, speaker, and facilitator.

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Amer Iqbal's Speaking Topics

  • 5 Ways to Innovate

The problem with innovation and how corporates are dealing with it.

Throw a rock and you’re likely to hit an innovation lab. Chances are your company has a team of people walking around in jeans and sneakers, a room filled with VR headsets and IoT tech, or a mysterious incubator for disruptive ideas somewhere in the business.

Every organization is investing in innovation, but the ugly truth is that very few know where they should be placing their bets. From our experience with hundreds of companies across many geographies, we have observed five typical ways that corporates approach innovation – the problem is choosing which one is right for you.

The 5 Ways to Innovate is a simple framework that helps organizations learn from the world’s best innovators in order to build for the business of tomorrow.

  • Building a Winning Innovation Team

How to build organisations that change the game

Steve Jobs was the ultimate purist – but whether it was members of Jony Ive’s design team or members of the board, would Apple have been as successful without the pragmatists who balanced him? On the other hand, pragmatism and consensus alone rarely changes the game; as the saying goes, if you search every park in every city in the world, you’ll find no statues of committees.

So when it comes to designing organizations, what is the right balance of purism vs. pragmatism?

Like an elastic band, only when we have two equally opposing forces do we stretch the possibilities. Only when we create tension in the right balance do we generate energy that can be harnessed into corporate innovation. Digital disruptors have created disproportionate impact across numerous industries by finding this balance. What can large corporates learn from the startup world and how can leaders organize their teams for success in a digital economy?

  • Unlocking the Power of Partnerships

Unlocking the power of partnerships to ride the wave of change

ESG, Web3, NFT, ChatGPT. It’s official, the business world has entered the era of acronym poetry. It’s an era defined by constant change, which begs the question: how can leadership teams get on the front foot and stay ahead of the curve?

One of the most underrated approaches in building the business of tomorrow is unlocking the power of the partnerships ecosystem. After all, why spend years building a suite of capabilities that will soon be outdated when you can borrow those same capabilities from expert partners who are there to support you today?

In this interactive session Amer Iqbal will share stories from his work as an innovation coach to Fortune 500 companies, his time leading transformation efforts at Meta, and his lifelong obsession with NBA basketball. Along the way he will uncover some practical strategies that leaders can implement to make sense of exponential change and how to remain proactive while everyone else plays catch up.

  • From “Better Websites” to True CX

How to actually put the customer at the heart of your business

What does Customer Experience mean to you? In a corporate world grappling to come to terms with jargon and concepts from the alien field of design, the term CX has come to cover everything from focus groups to website design.

The reality is most organizations are currently investing in some form of customer centricity initiative, and the level of investment has been constantly increasing over the past five years. However, very few leaders are willing to rate their organization as having achieved a sufficient level of customer centricity.

In order to turn the tide of increasing wasted investment and executive burnout, we explore some practical structural and operational changes that can be made in most organizations to drastically improve the effectiveness of their CX investments and truly put the customer at the heart of their business.

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Videos of Amer Iqbal

From Better websites to True CX AWS Roundtable Talk
From Better websites to True CX AWS Roundtable Talk
[LIVESTREAM] Mastering the art of change from within: unlock new capabilities from internal teams
[LIVESTREAM] Mastering the art of change from within: unlock new capabilities from internal teams
Do innovation labs work or is disruption a dirty word? (Panel Discussion)
Do innovation labs work or is disruption a dirty word? (Panel Discussion)
The Wright Bros and what they can teach us about innovation
The Wright Bros and what they can teach us about innovation

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Comments & Testimonials

“Amer, spoke at an industry thought leadership event we hosted at Meta. He was excellent! He has a diverse and eclectic background that he leans on to generate an original point of view. His delivery has a brilliant mix of thoughtful consultant and entrepreneurial flair.”
Carlos Palacios Strategic Connections Planning Leader, APAC Meta
“Amer is one of the most requested speakers at Deloitte events and our audiences always ask for more. He recently spoke at our town hall and gave a highly entertaining talk on the topic of unlocking our team’s superpowers at work. The audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive and everyone left inspired. Always an absolute pleasure to work with, we’d love to have him back any time!”
Svein Grande CEO and Managing Director Deloitte Consulting PDC
“We were honoured to have Amer Iqbal as our keynote speaker. He shared an amazing framework on the 5 Ways to Innovate to help organisations learn from the world's best innovators. His enthusiasm was infectious and the audience loved the way he delivered the entire session.”
Rubi Taj Head of International Business The Economic Times

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