Amanda Johnstone Keynote Speaker

  • Award-winning technologist
  • Inventor of mental health app "Be A Looper"
  • TIME Magazine’s “Next Generation Leaders” under 35

Amanda Johnstone's Biography

Amanda Johnstone is an award-winning technologist, inventor and investor – primarily in emerging technologies. 

At the young age of 17, Amanda co-founded award-winning retail chain, Sebachi, in Tasmania. Under the mentorship of Cotton On founder, Nigel Austin, Sebachi became one of Australia’s first e-commerce stores in 2003. 

With a desire to transform the role of technology in our lives, Amanda Johnstone co-founded Transhuman, a mental health and emotion AI technology company in 2014. Transhuman seeks to enhance human emotion and its relationship with the Internet of Things. It was there that Amanda invented the world’s first file type responsible for the sharing of data in the metaverse with technology leaders from NASA, Apple and General Electric.

As a leader constantly at the forefront of artificial intelligence, web3 and decentralisation, Amanda collaborated with Fortune 500 marketer and Web3 leader, Swan Sit, to develop W3+M, a weekly educational newsletter on web3 and the metaverse. She also co-founded a web3 analytics dashboard for brands,

Amanda Johnstone has always been passionate about social issues, as Australia’s first Youth Development Officer in local government at the West Tamar Council – she also took on philanthropic roles in management, policy and strategy in suicide prevention at a youth suicide retreat in Tasmania.

Her many personal experiences with suicide, inspired Johnstone to invent her proprietary mental health App, ‘“Be A Looper”. The app, used in over 90 countries, focuses on peer support for suicide prevention and is the world’s first daily mental health check-in app. The invention of Transhuman’s most revolutionary technology made Amanda a pioneer in the emotion AI and mental wellness space.

Johnstone’s drive to continuously build and nurture the human-to-computer relationship cemented her as The CEO Magazine’s 2020 Startup Executive of the Year. In 2019, Amanda was also named one of TIME Magazine’s “Next Generation Leaders” under 35 globally. She was the first Australian to receive such an honour.

Amanda is advisor and investor to several technology companies in education, impact and ESG. Alongside fellow tech innovators, she founded ‘Talk Nerdy To Me’ on Clubhouse, with over 290,000 subscribers. She is also part of The Responsible Metaverse Alliance and a delegate at the Metaverse Safety Week, where issues regarding human rights in the metaverse, digital culture, arts and media, child safety and children’s rights, medical XR and immersive healthcare, policy, trust and governance are discussed. 

As the holder of multiple patents relating to the advancement of human wellbeing, Amanda Johnstone’s work has been recognised by Singularity University, Forbes Under 30, GSMA and Wired. 

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Amanda Johnstone's Speaking Topics

Demystifying the Metaverse and Web3

In 2022, the number of active users in the metaverse hit an all-time high of 400 million. Due to the fact that its virtual worlds will "infiltrate every industry in some way," according to JP Morgan, the metaverse will present a $1 trillion market opportunity over the next few years. Amanda is highly qualified to guide your team into the Web3, the metaverse, and the internet's exciting next phase. Uniquely skilled in Web3, having filed her first patent in the field nearly a decade ago. Transhuman, her business, was established with the goal of developing future technologies enabling seamless connection with humanity eight years ago. She co-founded Web3 and NFT dashboard in 2022 with serial unicorn and decacorn builder Joe Griston.

The Future of Technology

“Armed with influential thought-leadership skills and a tenacious drive to transform the role of technology, it is Amanda who is propelling the future wellbeing of the human race.” – The CEO Magazine. Amanda Johnstone's proprietary work in artificial intelligence has her exposed to the forefront of research and development in arenas including the Internet of Things, the Internet of Bodies, Web3, Connected Cities, DeFi, Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, Data Ethics, Innovation, Robotics, Digital Health, Decentralisation, Future Forecasting, Augmented Reality, Gamification, Space, Biometrics, NFT’s, Technophilosophy, e-Commerce, Communications, Tokenomics, Wearables and Implantables, Social Media, The Creator Economy and Human-Machine Symbiosis. As a technologist, she is perfectly poised to deliver inspirational and educational messages about STEM.

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