Amanda Beard Tucson, USA

  • US Olympic swimmer and model; currently holds 8 US Championship titles
  • Competed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games at 14 years old
  • Advocate for Breast Cancer awareness


Amanda Beard, US Olympic swimmer and model, wowed audiences when she swam in her first Olympic competition at just 14 years old. Early in her swimming career, she was pictured clutching her teddy bear, taking it with her wherever she went, including on the medals stand.

Amanda is the second youngest Olympic medallist in the sport’s US history, and has since gone on to compete in four consecutive Olympic games. Her innocence and naïveté captured the attention of audiences and the media alike. She currently holds over eight US championship titles, and her athletic ability was recognised in 2003 when she was the world record holder and world champion in the 200-metre breaststroke.  

Amanda is also well known for her other endeavours. Modelling has become a full-time career that she would like to continue and is also interested in more TV hosting opportunities. Amanda spends much of her time doing appearances for her Olympic Sponsors, speaking engagements for Breast Cancer awareness and talking with young swimmers throughout the United States about overcoming obstacles and setting high goals.

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Amanda speaks at Manhattan College (2012)
Amanda speaks at Manhattan College (2012)
UA+ Interview with Amanda Beard (2012)
UA+ Interview with Amanda Beard (2012)

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