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Allister Frost Keynote Speaker

  • Microsoft’s first Head of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • "Future Ready Mindset" expert
  • Twice voted UK Digital Marketing Personality of the Year

Allister Frost's Biography

Allister Frost helps organisations cultivate a Future Ready Mindset, so leaders and teams can identify and race towards fresh possibilities in our fast-changing world. He was appointed Microsoft’s first ever Head of Digital Marketing Strategy and specialises in leading business transformation for our digital age. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for global product launch campaigns including Windows and Office. Prior to this, he managed household brands including Andrex and Kleenex at Kimberly-Clark.

Frost is the creator of ‘5 Steps to Success in a World of Change,’ a practical framework to develop a future ready mindset inside teams and organisations. He shows how to follow and react positively to change, how to give time to your beginner’s mind, and explains the merits of zagging when others zig, plus smart ways to spark an unstoppable cycle of positive change.

Having made the leap from soft tissues to software, Allister has lived through the highs and lows of digital transformations in complex organisations and is now happy to share his insights to help others manage the magical moment where people and technology collide. He has inspired audiences including the BBC, 3M, GE, UK Sport, Worldpay, and Vodafone and is twice Winner of the Lester Wunderman Award for Outstanding Creative Work. Frost holds a Cannes Lion Award for global campaigns at Microsoft, is a Chartered Marketer, and Elected Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

With stories from his fascinating career, Allister Frost is an accomplished and sought-after performer at business conferences and events. His speaking mission is to challenge comfort zones, break unhelpful habits, and empower people with the confidence and energy they need to realise their full lifetime potential. He speaks on stage at conferences and events around the world and on screen from his UK-based broadcast studio.

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Allister Frost's Speaking Topics

• “5 Steps to Success in a World of Change”

Discover the surprisingly low-tech habits we need to thrive in perpetual change. Learn smart ways to keep up and make change your BFF, see how to re-awaken the brilliance of your beginner’s mind, discover why zagging will outsmart all future technologies, and find out how to spark a positive cycle of change with colleagues.

• “How to Self-Disrupt Yourself for Lifelong Success”

Step out of your comfort zone and start breaking the unhelpful habits of a lifetime by disrupting your career before someone does it for you.

• “You’re Ready Already - Happily Ever Upwards”

What we’ve learned about change and how we underestimate our capacity for reinvention. Why your past is a terrible predictor of your future, and how to turbo-charge your performance to achieve your full potential.

• “How to be More Persuasive in our Digital World”

With lessons from psychology, behavioural science and his career in marketing, Allister shares practical advice to make communications materials and marketing content more compelling and persuasive, so it cuts through the noise and gets results.

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Videos of Allister Frost

Allister Frost Keynote Speaker demo video reel for Event Organisers
Allister Frost Keynote Speaker demo video reel for Event Organisers
Hello from Allister
Hello from Allister

Comments & Testimonials

Allister scored 4.97 out of 5; the highest speaker rating we’ve ever had. Attendees were amazed with the energy, creativity, and his hands-on approach.
Jelena Fuker HURA Croatia
Allister did a fabulous job! We’ve heard rave reviews and are thrilled with the impact of his message.
Tracy Sheridan Autodesk USA
Just the high energy start we needed! It was great to see so much discussion going on.
Claire Stibbon UK Sport / Team GB

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