Allan Savory Colorado, USA / Harare, Zimbabwe

  • World-renowned environmentalist
  • Pioneer of holistic land management methodology
  • Biologist and campaigner


TEDtalk: How to fight desertification and reverse climate change (2013)
TEDtalk: How to fight desertification and reverse climate change (2013)
UP Experience (2013)
UP Experience (2013)


Allan Savory is the pioneer of Holistic Management. Holistic Management is a process whereby desertification of the world’s grasslands is reversed by the proper management of livestock to ensure that grasslands can continue to thrive in tandem with current food production needs. Allan’s work began in 1955 and he has continued to influence decision makers on environmental policy ever since.

Born in Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe), Allan spent his early career as a farmer, game ranger and research biologist. Here, he witnessed first-hand the devastating effects that mismanaged livestock had on the ecosystem. After serving in the Zimbabwean government in the early 1970s, Allan was exiled for his opposition to the racist policies of the white-led Rhodesian Front Government. He consequently emigrated to the United States from where he continued his scientific research, and developed the holistic land management methodology.

Allan is now the president of the Savory Institute which advocates the methodology and researches the impact of properly managed livestock on the environment. As a well-respected environmentalist Allan speaks at numerous events on the issue of land degradation and regeneration.

Allan’s work now influences landowners, policymakers and investors. The Savory Institute was a semi-finalist in UN Convention to Combat Desertification Land for Life Award 2013 and in 2003 Allan was personally awarded the Banksia International Award which is given to the person doing the most for the environment on a global scale.

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