Aldo Sollazzo Keynote Speaker

  • CEO of Noumena
  • Director of the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction
  • Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy

Aldo Sollazzo's Biography

Aldo Sollazzo is an Italian entrepreneur and technologist with distinguished expertise in robotics, computer vision, and computational design. As a visionary in the field, he has been at the forefront of the tech-driven applications revolution, spearheading initiatives that blend architecture, technology, and innovation. His speaking topics span from the intricate dynamics of computer vision to the wonders of computational design. Aldo is a highly sought-after speaker, having graced platforms such as the European Conference on Computer Vision, Barcelona Urban Tech, Future City Summit, The Venice Biennale, and TEDx Barcelona.

Currently, Aldo holds the CEO position at Noumena, a data-centric firm he’s been leading since 2011, known for implementing computer vision and machine learning in studying spatial dynamics. Further expanding his industrial footprint, he’s the CEO of PURE.TECH and LAMÁQUINA, both under the Noumena Group. PURE.TECH emphasizes sustainable engineering through material-driven solutions, while LAMÁQUINA, a large-scale 3D printing factory, pioneers architectural solutions that seamlessly blend advanced manufacturing and computation.

In the academic realm, Aldo plays a pivotal role at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya in Barcelona. He is not only an alumnus with a Master in Advanced Architecture (2012) but is also the current Director of the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction program. His academic journey also includes a Master in Architectonic Design (2007) and a Fab Academy diploma (2014) from Fab Lab Barcelona. Since 2015, Aldo has been the Director of the IaaC Global Summer School and is also a faculty member at the Design by Data master program in Paris. Moreover, he founded Reshape – a digital craft community, a platform that champions groundbreaking ideas merging design and manufacturing.

A significant recognition came Aldo’s way in 2019 when the Italian President of the Republic honored him with the title of “Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy”. This was in acknowledgment of his exemplary efforts in promoting national prestige abroad through his scientific and technological pursuits.

Throughout his career, Aldo has authored numerous publications and has been a guest speaker at various conferences and university seminars globally. His leadership roles, from Noumena’s directorship to the stewardship of the IaaC Global Summer School, highlight his commitment to both the entrepreneurial and educational facets of his field.

Aldo Sollazzo’s brilliance is not just confined to the written word or the intricate models he develops; it is most vividly showcased when he speaks. A seasoned orator, Aldo has a unique ability to demystify the complexities of robotics, computer vision, and computational design, making them accessible and enthralling to audiences worldwide. His speaking engagements, ranging from the illustrious stages of TEDx Barcelona to academic halls like the European Conference on Computer Vision, are a testament to his prowess. He doesn’t merely present; he captivates, educates, and inspires, leaving audiences with a profound appreciation for the intersection of technology and design. In the realm of tech-driven architectural discourse, Aldo’s voice is not just influential—it’s indispensable.

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