Ai Futaki

  • Double Guinness World Record-holder for the longest distance swam in one breath
  • Underwater Explorer and Expert
  • TEDx Toyko Speaker


Ai Futaki World Record
Ai Futaki World Record "The Longest Distance in Cave with only ONE BREATH"
Free Diving -- Beautiful Connection with the Earth: Ai Futaki at TEDxFukuoka
Free Diving -- Beautiful Connection with the Earth: Ai Futaki at TEDxFukuoka
Connecting our Hearts | Ai Futaki | TEDxTokyo
Connecting our Hearts | Ai Futaki | TEDxTokyo


Ai Futaki is an apnea free-diving world record-holder, speaker and documentarian. She is dedicated to living in harmony with nature, having spent her life in the water, and encourages others to do the same.

Futaki has gained two Guinness World Records for the longest distance swam in one breath, without the support of air-supply equipment. She holds the female title of the longest distance (100 metres) swim in a cave on a single breath with a monofin and for a 90-metre swim without a fin.

She shares her inspiring story with audiences about the importance of our connection with water and how she motivated herself in training to break the world record.

She speaks about the need to understand the flow and the energy of the animals in the water and on allowing herself to be led by her heart, instead of her brain, when defying the human instinct to breathe. She uses her experiences to motivate others to push themselves into achieving their goals by letting go of their restrictive mindset.

From a young age, Ai swam competitively. She spent four years working as a scuba-diving instructor and cave diving guide before she embraced apnea free-diving. Futaki studied documentary filmmaking in California and Cuba.

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