Aaron Balick Speaker

Aaron Balick Keynote Speaker

  • Director of Stillpoint Spaces London
  • United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy Media Spokesperson
  • University of Essex Honorary Senior Lecturer - Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies

Aaron Balick's Biography

Dr Aaron Balick is an author, psychotherapist, an academic and cultural theorist with more than two decades of clinical experience in the industry. He is a prominent international keynote speaker dedicated to simplifying psychological concepts to society, organisations, and corporations in practical and beneficial ways.

He is the Director of Stillpoint Spaces London, an international organisation with events hubs in London, Paris, Berlin and Zurich. The company explores psychology through engaging events programmes and provides access to expert psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors both in person and virtually. Aaron is also a senior lecturer at the University of Essex in the Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies Department.

As a registered integrative psychologist with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, Aaron has been the UKCP’s media spokesperson since 2005. He has also been the Resident Psychotherapist on BBC Radio 1’s The Surgery with Aled and Dr Radh. Aaron provided mental health information and advice on the show both in-studio and outside broadcasts, fulfilling the role for over 20 years, making him the longest-serving mental health agony uncle. He founded The Relational School during this period. He served as an executive chair for 11 years until 2015 and chapter chair of the International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. He also served as a columnist for CBBC children’s website Bugbear and the Ask Aaron column, where he helped children understand and overcome psychological and emotional matters in their everyday lives.

Aaron is a beloved and respected author who has published several mental health and self-help books, including The Psychodynamics of Social Networking (2013) and Media and the Inner World (2004). In 2020 he published a book to help teenagers build their resilience and develop life skills in the modern world titled Keep Your Cool. He has contributed and been a consultant on other publications, including Depth Psychology and the Digital Age (2016), Psychotherapy 2.0 (2014) and the New York Times Best Seller The Book of Hope (2021).

As an advocate for mental health, Newsweek Magazine has named him a 21st Century Professional. He is highly active in print media and has contributed to various publications and journals, including; The GuardianThe Huffington Post, Wired Magazine and The Independent.

A celebrated international speaker, Aaron has delivered numerous keynote speeches at various conferences, events and podcasts on topics relating to depth psychology, culture and technology. His fascination with contemporary culture and its developments is evident in his speaking engagements which offer psychological insights to various global audiences.

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Videos of Aaron Balick

The Psychodynamics of Social Media
The Psychodynamics of Social Media
Dr Aaron Balick Discusses Anxiety During Our Mental Health Virtual Showcase Event
Dr Aaron Balick Discusses Anxiety During Our Mental Health Virtual Showcase Event
What is a panic attack?
What is a panic attack?
The Psychodynamics of Social Networking
The Psychodynamics of Social Networking

Books by Aaron Balick

Aaron Balick Speaker
The Little Book of Calm: Tame Your Anxieties, Face Your Fears, and Live Free
Aaron Balick Speaker
The Psychodynamics of Social Networking: Connected-up Instantaneous Culture and the Self
Keep Your Cool: How to Deal with Life's Worries and Stress
Aaron Balick Speaker
The Book of Hope: 101 Voices on Overcoming Adversity
Aaron Balick Speaker
Depth Psychology and the Digital Age
Aaron Balick Speaker
Psychotherapy 2.0: Where Psychotherapy and Technology Meet

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