Some Of The Best Books Of 2021

Karen O'Donnell
editor at Chartwell Speakers

We are delighted to share a selection of books by our speakers that have been listed as ‘Best Books of the Year 2021’ by the Financial Times and the Telegraph.

They cover politics, economics and business topics.   

The Age of Unpeace: How Connectivity Causes Conflict
By Mark Leonard

FT’s Best Economics Books of the Year

As Martin Wolf noted ‘Mark has written a book that has the twin merits of being both short and important’.  Our interconnected world brings many benefits but it also enables rapid and pernicious communications that create discord and unrest with “populist leaders promoting national glory over global understanding”. Mark states that “if the connections that are essential to our wellbeing are also being turned into deadly weapons, we need to find ways of making them less dangerous.”

Aftershocks: Pandemic Politics and the End of the Old International Order
By Colin Kahl and Thomas Wright

FT’s Best Politics Books of the Year

The ongoing pandemic has impacted everyone, killed many and affected the global economy.  This book illustrates how the pandemic has also reshaped global politics including the escalation of tensions between China and the US and underscoring the breakdown of international cooperation more widely.

Beyond A Fringe 2021: Tales from a Reformed Establishment Lackey
By Andrew Mitchell

The Telegraph’s Political Biography of the Year

Andrew shares tales from the parliamentary jungle, veering from the hilarious to the tragic, reflecting on the perils of loyalty – to people, a party or to one’s principles. From the dark arts of government Whips to the Plebgate fiasco, he shares a candid account of his experiences working within the British Establishment. This honest reflection of his political career is full of insightful anecdotes and irresistable gossip from inside the heart of Westminster.

Framers: Human Advantage in an Age of Technology and Turmoil​
By Kenneth CukierViktor Mayer-Schönberger and Francis de Véricourt

FT’s Best Business Books of the Year

This book is timely and on point.  It brings into focus our unique human ability to frame or reframe problems, and reach better solutions. There is an alternative to algorithms or gut instinct when it comes to taking decisions by restoring pluralism and progressive human values, rather than leaving the choice in the hands of the machine or the dataset.

The Aristocracy of Talent: How Meritocracy Made the Modern World
By Adrian Wooldridge

Shortlisted for FT Business Book of the Year. 

Adrian traces the history of meritocracy forged by the politicians and officials who introduced the revolutionary principle of open competition, the psychologists who devised methods for measuring natural mental abilities, and the educationalists who built ladders of educational opportunity.  He argues that the idea that ruled the world by the late 20th century is broken. This “golden ticket to prosperity” needs restoring in order to revive social mobility. 

Unraveled: The Life and Death of a Garment
By Maxine Bédat

Longlisted for FT Best Business Book of the Year

Maxine examines the key issues of globalisation and sustainability, seen through the “biography” of a pair of jeans. She highlights the environmental, economic and social pressures building up in the global fashion and garment industry and shines a light on the often adverse consequences of our casual shopping culture.

All are excellent and accomplished speakers and are available to take part in your events, either in person or virtually.    

Please get in touch if we can be of assistance.


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