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Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
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Nerina Ramlakhan conference speakerFeatured in the Daily Express this week, our top wellbeing expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, shared her tips of how to fosterbetter sleep habits because, as she says, “Sleep problems aren’t created when you put your head on the pillow. Every thought, every behaviour, every choice you make throughout the day can impact on how you sleep at night.”

Her advice? Eat breakfast, stay hydrated and avoid technology screens too late at night amongst others. Sounds like very wise advice to us! Read the full article “The good sleep guide: Simple changes to help you get a lot more shut-eye” by Nerina.

If you’d like to know more about Nerina’s philosophy, her deep understanding of sleep is laid out wonderfully in her practical and entertaining new book, Fast Asleep Wide Awake. It’s a must for busyfast asleep wide awake nerina ramlakhan executives, exhausted family members or indeed anyone in a difficult relationship with sleep as it explores the biggest causes of why good sleep may allude us.

Nerina’s expertise really come forward in her excellent talks and speeches given at conferences, events and business headquarters around the world. Watch Nerina’s most recent presentation to Chartwell clients and guests earlier this year.

What our agents say:

“Dr Nerina Ramlakhan’s practical and energetic approach has helped thousands of individuals and organisations to regain more of a balance in the fast-paced world we now find ourselves in, helping them to achieve a more sustainable, efficient and ultimately more enjoyable lifestyle.”

More About Nerina:

Nerina Ramlakhan PhD is a physiologist who has specialised in maximising individual and organisational performance for over two decades. In today’s fast-paced world, filled with technology and deadlines, good sleep is becoming harder and harder to achieve. Nerina uses her academic background in physiology, philosophy and psychology to guide her teaching, but her approach is highly practical.  She has a strong belief that everyone can live a healthy and more fulfilling life by tapping into and nurturing their deepest inner resources – even in these hectic, technologically driven times that we live in. Read more >>

Book Nerina to speak at your next event or conference on sleep and wellbeing, send us a quick email for her fee, expertise and latest availability.


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