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Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
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Rohan Silva has been busy in the media over the last couple of weeks. A former senior adviser to David Cameron and pioneer of the UK’s tech policy he continues to be a leading voice on the cross-sections of tech, government and the economy.

Here are the highlights from the most recent round of Media:

In a recent Telegraph article, Rohan says the fight to reform public sector IT procurement and open up government data to public view is already showing results.

“From now on, delivering the state’s IT projects is going to be about channelling the spirit of Tech City, not Sir Humphrey. It’s de rigueur these days to say that political philosophy is dead, and that all political parties are the same. But the profound changes since May 2010 have not resulted from technocratic managerialism – they’re the hard-fought expression of a philosophical commitment to backing entrepreneurs rather than big business, and empowering individuals with new information and choices.”

He follows this call with a recent interview for the London Evening Standard, where he calls for a “Union of Entrepreneurs” to take on the dominance of big firms in government contracts.

“Politicians do care about start-ups but they’re dispersed everywhere, how do you find them? They don’t have lobbying people, they don’t have public affairs people, they’re not in and out of Whitehall the whole time.”

And finally in a recent film and interview for BBC’s Newsnight, he explored the possibility that the 20th Century trend of Technology to superseed manufacturing jobs, might now extend to white collar labour across the next few decades. Well worth a watch

“The British middle class is under threat from advances in technology which could see white collar jobs in areas such as law, medicine and accounting replaced altogether.

Wealth creation is currently concentrated amongst the highest earners and whereas low paid jobs cannot be easily automated, some middle-class jobs can be.”

Well worth a watch!

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