Rob Lilwall, Asia-based Nat Geo Adventurer and Motivational Speaker (Speaking Trailer)

Rob Lilwall's extraordinary adventures creates an exciting new trailer

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

There’s a lot to be said for the value of making a trailer to market your speaking presentations. When done well, they can inspire clients to request a particular speaker over others – some trailers can even persuade clients to book a speaker for an event they may not have considered otherwise.

At Chartwell, we see trailers from our expert speakers on a regular basis and we’re continually impressed by the way these videos gather positive attention around our experts. A recent and exciting example is this new speaking trailer by Rob Lilwall, National Geographic adventurer and sought-after motivational speaker.

Watching the trailer I became curious to know more  – so I asked Rob about the origins of his speaking career and what he aims to teach businesses about motivation through his presentations.

In his own words:

Rob Lilwall speaker“I didn’t intend to become a motivational speaker at corporate conferences across the world, but that is what has happened. In fact, I used to be a geography high school teacher, though with a bit of an adventurous spirit. I decided to leave my teaching job and go and explore the world on my bicycle, and I ended up riding it around Asia, Australia and Europe for three years (including through Siberia in winter and Afghanistan in summer). National Geographic ended up making a TV series about the expedition, and then I did another expedition for them – this time walking from Mongolia to Hong Kong, down through the entire length of China, and I have also done all sorts of shorter expeditions.

My talks are tailored to the clients needs, but I use stories from the expeditions popular themes are to do with having an attitude of adventure – which is so helpful to overcome challenges. There are also various habits and practices which are essential for an expedition which have great benefits and parallels in the business world – like building resilience, developing self-care, networking well, practicing self-discipline, facing fears, and being a calculated risk-taker. Practising these things in the business world can have a powerful impact on our productivity, our creativity, and our longevity – in whatever formidable or challenging task that is before us.”

View Rob’s newest trailer for a glimpse into his inspiring journey.

For booking enquiries, or latest availability, get in touch with Rob’s agent Raleigh Addington on +852 5512 9714 in Hong Kong or send an email.


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