Revolution and reform in the Middle East

As NATO’s military involvement in Libya drags on, The Economist calls for the world to ‘keep calm’ and ‘keep going’ in maintaining sustained pressure on Muammar Qaddafi. The ‘West must hold its nerve, increase the military pressure, buttress the rebels, and accept that the campaign may last several more months.’

Is it a question of if or when for the Libyan dictator?

Meanwhile, on the BBC’s HARDtalk , presenter Stephen Sackur interviewed Egyptian liberal intellectual Tarek Heggy, who advocates wholesale reform in the Middle East. During the discussion Tarek pointed out that Egyptians need ‘real jobs and real salaries’ to allay the deep seated socio-economic unrest. Change is necessary to cement the ideals of the revolution.

Chartwell recently interviewed Marco Vicenzino on the Arab Spring and the death of Osama bin Laden. Marco argued that business prospects in the region would depend upon security and stability within powerful, strategic nations such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

He provides geo-political risk analysis and regular commentary for global media outlets and is director of Global Strategy Project. Marco Vicenzino is an expert speaker on Middle Eastern politics and global geo-strategy.

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