PM announces £1.4bn UK-China Trade Deal

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday announced a new trade deal with China worth £1.4 billion. Britain wants to double total trade with China by 2015 to near £62 billion pounds, as part of the government’s strategy of expanding business with rapidly growing emerging markets to help offset subdued domestic demand. Britain currently exports more to countries like Ireland and Belgium than it does to China.

Over at the FT however, Gideon Rachman is concerned that Britain is pursuing a foreign policy of empty slogans’. The “special relationship” with the US, that Britain needs to be “at the heart of Europe” whilst continuing to “punch above its weight” as a “global hub”, are all catchphrases which are becoming increasingly detached from reality as Britain loses influence in a changing world.

For Gideon, Britain must view China as a rising global power, not just an emerging economy.

Watch our video of Gideon talking about the Eurozone, the ‘Arab Spring’ and the rise of China.

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