Speakers in the news 13th October

       1) Janan Ganesh

      2) Jimmy Wales

  • Jimmy Wales is the Internet entrepreneur best known for founding org, as well as other wiki-related organisations, including the charitable organisation Wikimedia Foundation, and the for-profit company Wikia Inc., which operates Wikia.com
  • Jimmy hit the news this week for warning that Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are ‘’absolute scams’’. ICO’s are one of the fastest-growing ways for cryptocurrency start-ups to raise money.

     3) Lucy Hawking

  • Lucy is the creator of the George Greenby books, a series of adventure stories which use dramatic story-telling to explain complex science to young audiences. Lucy has collaborated with several distinguished scientists on the George Greenby series, including her well-known father, the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.
  • This week, Lucy’s film, ‘The Party’, made in partnership with the Guardian, was released. The film uses virtual reality to place viewers in the shoes of an autistic 15-year old girl at her mother’s birthday party. Lucy said, I realised that VR had the potential to raise awareness about the challenges that autistic people face. By immersing the viewer in the perception of an autistic teenage girl, struggling to cope at a party, the film gives an extraordinary perspective of the very real issues faced in day to day situations’’.

      4)Jean-Claude Trichet 

  • Jean-Claude Trichet is one of the world’s most respected Central Bankers. He was the President of the European Central Bank from 2003 to 2011 and is now an Honorary Governor of the Banque de France.
  • Jean-Claude spoke to CNBC this week about Brexit, saying that the European Union isn’t looking to make an example of the United Kingdom for its decision to leave the EU, but that it is just a ‘’very difficult’’ situation. He also doesn’t think the future of the European Union will be called into question, “I’m very, very convinced that resilience of the European project is much, much stronger than is very often analysed or forecasted,” he said.

      5) Joseph Stiglitz

  • Joseph is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest economic thinkers. He has made major contributions to macroeconomics and monetary theory, development economics and trade theory, public and corporate finance, the theories of industrial organisation and rural organisation, and the theories of welfare economics and income and wealth distribution. In 2001, Joseph Stiglitz was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economicsfor pioneering a new branch of economics known as “The Economics of Information”
  • Speaking on de-globalisation at the 25th Annual Convention of Chinese Association for Science and Technology on 8th October, Joseph said, “Today you can’t go back to where you were 40 years ago, de-globalisation will be extraordinarily costly”. Joseph went on to explain that we have created global supply chains worldwide, and when we interrupt them, costs go up.


   6) Sarah Outen

  • Sarah Outen MBE is a world-record breaking adventurer, published author and inspirational speaker, whose gruelling expeditions have established her as a much-sought after speaker.
  • Sarah wrote an article this week calling for broadcast media to produce adventure programmes that will capture the imagination, particularly of the young. She also commented on the lack of gender-based diversity, ethnicity, sexuality and economic backgrounds in shows.

     7) David Nott

  • For the past twenty-three years David has taken unpaid leave from his successful medical career to work for the aid agencies Médecins Sans Frontières, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Syria Relief. He has provided surgical treatment to the victims of conflict and catastrophe in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Chad, Darfur, Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Central African Republic, Gaza and Nepal.
  • David reported this week that Assad’s regime is quietly bombing hospitals in Syria while the world looks away. Over the last 10 days, five hospitals run by The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations have all but been destroyed by Russian and Syrian airstrikes.

      8) Nerina Ramlakhan

  • Nerina Ramlakhan PhD is a physiologist who has specialised in maximising individual and organisational performance for over two decades. Nerina’s life work has been dedicated to helping individuals and organisations to regain a greater balance, vitality, meaning and peace by teaching them how to get better sleep.
  • This week it was reported at the British Sleep Society conference that more than a third of primary school children are failing to get sufficient sleep and as a result are falling behind on work. Nerina commented, “Sadly I’m not surprised by the impact a lack of sleep is having on the nation’s children. It is so important for parents to recognise how essential good quality restorative sleep is for children. Ten hours might seem a lot but children’s brains are constantly growing and developing, particularly at primary school age, and having time to rest and recover after a busy day at school is vital’’.

      9) Karin Nilsdotter

  • Karin Nilsdotter is the CEO of Spaceport Swedenwith a vision of creating a world leading spaceport enabling widespread access to space. Karin is determined to build Spaceport Sweden into a platform for cross-sector innovation, establishing commercial human spaceflight as a new industry for tourism, research and education.
  • Karin has just returned from NYC where she was invited to attend and give a presentation at the United Nations Expert Meeting on Space for Women. It was a two and half day event which brought together decision makers and experts from international organisations, governments and non-governmental organizations as well as other high-ranking officials and representatives of the private sector and research institutions to discuss the scope, goals and develop a “Space for Women” project together. In her keynote, she spoke about how leadership is our biggest challenge and key to the future (in a disruptive age where the only constant is change and the greatest risk companies face is the lack of talent).

      10) Kim Hughes

  • Warrant Officer Class 1 Kim Hughes GC is a British Army bomb disposal expert who became only the 74th living recipient of the George Cross for his extraordinary acts carried out in the Afghanistan conflict.
  • Kim has been nominated for ‘Bravest Briton’ award this week for disarming 120 IEDs in Afghanistan, saving dozens of lives.



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