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“Newspapers don’t lead, they follow” asserts Danny Finkelstein

Daniel Finkelstein writes on newspapers and public opinion in his Times column: “Newspapers reflect the opinions of their readers, they do not lead it. Without their...


by Raleigh Addington

Neo-Maoist, Neo-Confucian or neither?

At the age of 90 one could be forgiven for dwelling on the past and the Chinese Communist Party is no exception writes Francis...


by Raleigh Addington

“Everything will be alright”

Brian Eno, legendary pioneer of electronic music, has never been known for his sunny outlook. True, he did co-found Roxy Music; yes, he has produced a...


by Raleigh Addington

What’s stopping you?

When the stakes are high people can suffer from self-doubt, a lack of motivation or a fear of failure. Overcoming these obstacles is the...


by Raleigh Addington

Assange appears on panel discussion at London’s Frontline Club

Last week the Frontline Club in London hosted a panel discussion with WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange and extroverted Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek; Democracy Now!’s Amy...


by Raleigh Addington

Colombia: safer than they think

The Economist highlights an increase in guerrilla and paramilitary activity in Colombia. President Juan Manuel Santos says that this is in response to renewed...


by Raleigh Addington

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