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Motivational Speaker Marcus Buckingham Are you looking for a top motivational speaker for your event?  Chartwell is a leading speakers bureau that represents literally thousands of speakers around the world.  Some of the most popular speakers we work with are motivational speakers.  Clients find that these speakers add tremendous value to their events: if you can book a great motivational speaker, attendees come away inspired and ready for action.

Fees for motivational speakers range tremendously: from a few thousand dollars to, in the case of the most sought after motivational speakers, a hundred thousand dollars or more.  There are wonderful options in every price range, but some of the most popular motivational speakers out there include:

  • Marcus Buckingham: The performance analyst has been a mainstay on the motivational speaker circuit for years.
  • Simon Sinek: The bestselling author of “Start with Why” and a leadership speaker who has reached millions with his work and his speaking.
  • Ranulph Fiennes: The worlds greatest living explorer has tales of daring adventures to delight an audience.
  • Magic Johnson: The NBA player living with HIV has become a popular motivational speaker.
  • Itay Talgam: With his novel approach to leadership, this unexpected star of the stage is one of our favorites.
  • Ken Carter: The legendary “Coach K” and inspiration for the film “Coach Carter.”
  • Barbara Corcoran: You’ve probably seen her on Shark Tank: her rags to riches story is deeply inspiring.
  • Daymond John: Another Shark Tank favorite who has become a popular motivational speaker.
  • Aimee Mullins: This paraolympic athlete and model has an inspiring story that will move you to action.
  • Tom Avery: One of the most fascinating adventurers of our time, we think Tom delivers fantastic value.

These are just a few of the many wonderful motivational speakers that Chartwell can engage for our clients.  Please contact us today to learn more, or call to be connected to a speaking agent at 972-385-1021.

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