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"Miserablism risks causing Britain serious harm" warns leading political commentator Janan Ganesh

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Janan Ganesh speakerJanan Ganesh, a leading commentator on UK politics, has argued in the Financial Times that Britain is now richer, freer, more roundly envied. Yet all talk is of decline, and such “miserablism risks causing Britain serious harm.”

Janan points out that whilst the “ambient noise in Britain today is a drone of complaint: about migration, unspecified “elites”, politics itself…this indulgence is so hard to forgive because the sourness is so misplaced.”

“Here is a country that responds to a secessionist threat to its existence by holding a free and fair referendum. It has evolved an economic model that is more hospitable to business than much of Europe and kindlier to the poor than America. It cuts public spending year on year without any civil disorder to speak of. Crime is falling. Unemployment is at 6 per cent. The politicians are small-time but basically honourable. The capital city is a miracle of the modern world.”

Janan goes on to warn that such dynamism and maturity in Britain is the accumulation of wise decisions over a long period, and it can be undone in “a few hot-headed years.”

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