Michael Binyon: latest report on Egypt

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Renowned foreign affairs journalist Michael Binyon and Catherine Philp discuss the latest in Egypt in the World section of this morning’s Times. Reporting on the news from diplomats and Egyptian sources that President Morsi is likely to be given refuge by Saudi Arabia, Michael and Catherine suggest that “despite their intense dislike of the muslim brotherhood, the Saudis are eager to resolve the stand-off in Cairo.”

The fact that those living in exile in Saudi Arabia are rarely given public or political access is described as “a point that would appeal to Egyptian Army leaders.” Michael and Catherine contemplate Mr Morsi’s options and where he may prefer to be exiled, noting that there continues to be debate over the possibility of his reinstatement.

While Islamists hope the West will support Mr Morsi’s return to power, the interim government is relying on US and EU delegates to convince them that this is not an option. However, it seems there may not be a peaceful resolve as analysts have revealed that Brotherhood leaders would like the opportunity to be portrayed as martyrs through confrontation.

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