Martin Wolf - Why Democracy Matters

Karen O'Donnell
editor at Chartwell Speakers

There is a symbiotic relationship between politics and markets, and therefore, the assaults on democracy around the world have impacted our economies. This is the main theme of Martin Wolf‘s major new book ‘The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism’.

Only just published, the book is already a best-seller and has received universally positive reviews in the New York Times, The Times, The Economist and in other media outlets. It illustrates that we cannot enjoy the features and benefits of a healthy market without the parallel support of a functioning, fair and democratic political environment.

Here is what some global figures said about the book:

Ben Bernanke speaker

“Martin Wolf has been an incisive commentator on economics and politics for a long time. This book is an excellent and thought-provoking synthesis of his views on democratic capitalism and how to fix it.” Ben Bernanke, Former Chair of the Federal Reserve

nouriel robini

Martin Wolf is one of the deepest thinkers of our times and his latest book is a must read! He brilliantly analyzes the causes of the current crisis of democratic capitalism and presents the reforms needed to successfully rejuvenate it.” Nouriel Roubini, Professor at New York University

Carmen Reinhart Speaker

Who better than Martin Wolf, with his masterful knowledge of history and understanding of economics, to identify the twin threats of predatory capitalism and demagogic politics and to plot a narrow corridor to escape?” Carmen M. Reinhart, Former Chief Economist, World Bank

Anne Applebaum smiling

“Martin Wolf brings together many decades’ worth of thought and analysis into this superb synthesis. An important guide for anyone seeking answers to the most difficult questions of our time.” Anne Applebaum, Author of ‘Twilight of Democracy’

While his book is powerful and important, hearing Martin in-person takes his work to a new level as he combines a deep knowledge of his discipline with a unique communication style. He takes complex subjects and conveys them in a succinct, articulate and accessible way.