Former Director of UK Special Forces Major General Jonathan Shaw publishes new book: “Britain in a Perilous World”

Jonathan Shaw speaker

Britain in a Perilous World: The Strategic Defence and Security Review We Need” by Jonathan Shaw (Haus Publishing, 2014).

The British government periodically publishes a Strategic Defence and Security Review, an appraisal of the armed forces that seeks to understand and prepare for the defence challenges that lie ahead. This report is often controversial – the 2010 review, for example, made headlines for all the wrong reasons, as major defence projects such as the NIMROD aircraft were discontinued at huge cost, while other projects were maintained only because they were too expensive to abandon.

In advance of the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review, Jonathan argues persuasively for the need to rethink how governments and Whitehall devise their strategies and reach crucial decisions. Beginning with the review’s often imprecise use of language, Jonathan challenges the assumptions that underlie the British government’s current practices. Ultimately, he suggests how Whitehall can improve its approaches and, equally important, its credibility.

“Britain in a Perilous World” was named by the London Evening Standard as one of their “Best Books of the Year” in 2014.

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