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Today's lunch guest: Lucy Hawking science speaker

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

It was wonderful to catch up with Lucy Hawking today, one of our favourite speakers.  Alongside sharing stories of travelling to Soviet Russia with her father, Stephen Hawking, she was also able to fill us in on her plans for the new year.

Lucy is currently developing a new presentation which will disaggregate scientific ‘breakthroughs’ and disruptive technologies, and explain to informed but non-scientific audiences what is likely to happen and where, and by when. Her focus is on AI, neuroscience and genetics, areas which show the most potential for progress in the coming decades.  On top of this, Lucy is also working on material that will examine some of the most important questions on space travel this century; where are we going, what are we doing in space and where will it lead us?

CLICK HERE to see a wonderfully inspiring clip of Lucy speaking about the value of explaining science through story telling at TEDx last summer.

Lucy is also the best selling author and the original creator of the George Greenby books, a series of adventure stories which aim to explain complex science to a young audience through dramatic storytelling.  Last year her book tour took her all over the world including the far reaches of Bhutan to promote the series.  If you would like to buy any of her brilliant books, CLICK HERE.

If you would like more information on Lucy, or to book her for an event, please get in touch by email at [email protected], or call me on +44 02077928004.