Lord Chris Holmes - Digital Revolution

Lord Chris Holmes outlines the vast implications of the digital revolution

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Listen to Ben Horne, Chartwell’s Head of Online Content, host a Q&A session on the implications of the digital revolution with Lord Chris Holmes MBE, who famously delivered the most successful Paralympics of all time, through his role as Director of Paralympic Integration for London 2012.

This podcast episode focuses on Lord Holmes’ work with the Digital Skills Select Committee, which was appointed in 2014 to consider information and communications technology, competitiveness, and skills in the UK. With the technology sector rapidly changing, the Committee has been examining what this means for the labour market, as well as further implications of this changing digital landscape. Questions include:

  1. Are schools, further education institutions, businesses and other sectors ready for such developments?
  2. What will be the implications for the Government? Are the Government prepared for these changes?
  3. Where does this leave the UK in terms of global economic competitiveness? Does the UK have the infrastructure to remain at the cutting edge with these new technologies when compared to other countries?

The report is due out on February 17th 2015, and comes as a highly recommended read for people in all sectors. Listen to the interview below.

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