Lisa Witter and Michael Feigelson discuss the "New Macho"

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

In an article for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Lisa Witter, an award-winning expert and speaker on the intersections of communications, technology, politics and behaviour change, has teamed up with Michael Feigelson of the Bernard Van Leer Foundation (with input from Professor Paul Dolan at the London School of Economics) to ask what social change leaders can learn from behavioural science and the experience of the 21st-century tough guys.

As the co-author (with Lisa Chen) of the “She Spot: Why Women are the Marketing for Changing the World and How to Reach Them”, Lisa has done a lot of thinking about the role gender plays in changing behaviour. As a follow-up, she and Michael explore lessons in behavioural science on how to positively engage men in a new macho and what’s in it for them (and the rest of us – men and women alike).

For example, Lisa and Michael note that players will stride onto the pitch hand-in-hand with a child at the World Cup in Brazil later this month. As such, kids have become the brand of one of the most competitive global sports – the iconic FC Barcelona even sports the UNICEF logo on its jerseys.

This is just one example of how men who have historically been symbols of toughness are embracing a new archetype of manliness – one in which they care for their kids, are sensitive with their partners, and share power without losing respect. A “new macho” is emerging, and change is spreading, which they think has great potential on issues from the workplace to fatherhood and beyond.

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