Lisa Gansky: the changing rules of business success

I’ve been chatting to Ellis Trevor, who runs American Talent Group, Chartwell’s sister bureau in the US, about Lisa Gansky, the California-based entrepreneur and renowned  TED speaker. Lisa was co-founder and president of Ofoto, the online photo service she sold to Eastmann Kodak. Since she’s continued to help build businesses “where there is an opportunity for well-timed disruption and a resounding impact”. Lisa believes the future of business success lies in the ability to share and collaborate with other businesses, with new technology and with your customers. Firms like Zipcar are re-writing the rules of how business is conducted. Lisa spends a lot of her time advising established multinational firms on how they need to adapt to the changing business environment and leverage what Lisa calls ‘the mesh‘. Lisa is coming to Europe in the autumn, when she’ll be spending time advising her clients and speaking to business audiences.

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