Launch of the 2012 Chatham House-YouGov survey

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

The third annual Chatham House-YouGov Survey was launched this week with a lively panel discussion including Paddy Ashdown, Jonathan Powell and Pauline Neville-Jones, moderated by Chatham House Director, Robin Niblett.

The survey, designed to analyse British attitudes to the UK’s international priorities, revealed much about popular sentiment towards British membership of the EU. 57% of the general public want a vote on EU membership, with 49% saying they would vote to leave.

The survey also revealed a disconnect between popular and elite attitudes towards the issue. Only 42% of ‘opinion formers’ said the government should commit to holding a referendum, while only 27% of the same group would vote to leave the Union.

Much of the discussion focused on the need for a coherent government vision to reconcile this divide, with Paddy Ashdown in particular lamenting the lack of leadership shown by the Coalition. It’s a pity not enough of us voted for him, he said mischievously.

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